Creating fork on January 2020

Dependencies:   ublox-cellular-driver-gen gnss ublox-cellular-base ublox-at-cellular-interface-ext


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
28:54bf1d952d50 12 months ago fahimalavi Library version updated to fix test build default tip
27:0874aa4af57b 12 months ago fahimalavi Creating fork January 2020
26:5a2d98261a53 12 months ago fahimalavi Updated library versions to support mbed-os 5.15
25:9748f23d3812 17 months ago fahimalavi Library versions updated
24:d551e9e068a8 19 months ago fahimalavi Updating libraries to mbed-os version 5.12.4
23:9c10def1a8ab 22 months ago Library version updated
22:9ea338726482 23 months ago Library version update
21:b09d258f2788 24 months ago Update library version
20:3ca2d75614e6 24 months ago Cell locate not supported in R4, https link corrected, and null termination added
19:23b4551c5a53 2018-03-26 RobMeades Update to latest version of libraries.
18:e1b6cd53333f 2017-08-11 Update ublox-cellular-base library version.
17:baa68dcb6045 2017-08-10 Update to latest ublox-cellular-base library.
16:110ddcf433fb 2017-07-31 Point mbed-os library at ARMmbed master and update to latest ublox-cellular-base library.
15:76e3703c59f0 2017-06-19 Update cellular base library version.
14:f531abed3446 2017-06-16 Now compatible with C027, update library versions.
13:8dc0ad55bfa5 2017-06-14 RobMeades Point at version of mbed-os that works for C030.
12:1e1c58088143 2017-06-13 Don't print "checking user button" string for C027 and update library versions.
11:00378c3fe3e4 2017-06-13 CellularBase and CellularDriverGen right up to top level.
10:dd4f7eb7f668 2017-06-13 Update library version.
9:da9695394d5f 2017-06-13 Update library version
8:11be5eb33196 2017-06-13 Running on C027 but NOT yet working correctly, please only use with caution for now.
7:7781212f4bb4 2017-06-09 RobMeades Cosmetic changes.
6:7a33376899e5 2017-06-09 RobMeades Switch to using set_credentials(), simpler that way.
5:540b2d19fc5c 2017-06-09 RobMeades Cosmetic changes.
4:13a84f6cc800 2017-06-08 Update example to use button press and tidied up LED stuff.
3:956bb61fb496 2017-06-07 RobMeades Update library references.
2:cebdbd3ced4e 2017-06-08 Add GNSS library.
1:628f51c3511f 2017-06-07 Flesh out example properly.
0:3bdcb3a9650a 2017-06-07 RobMeades Initial revision, shell only.