with 36errors

Dependencies:   MTS-Serial libxDot-dev-mbed5-deprecated

Fork of Dot-AT-Firmware by MultiTech


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
18:75cd82d6298c 2017-07-09 faendder i have 36 errors but i dont now how fixit default tip
17:95c9eb69329a 2017-06-19 jenkins@jenkinsdm1 mdot-firmware revision 3.0.0-rc7
16:d5cf2af81a6d 2017-06-19 jenkins@jenkinsdm1 mdot-firmware revision 3.0.0-rc7
15:e20116281a78 2016-11-04 jenkins@brutananadilewski mdot-firmware revision 2.0.16
14:f9a77400b622 2016-11-04 Mike Fiore update from git revision 2.0.16
13:b0f5ae12dc05 2016-11-04 mfiore remove libmDot
12:7df5a3942762 2016-11-04 mfiore remove libmDot, replace mbed & mbed-rtos with mbed-os
11:05e0f30c03a6 2016-08-22 mfiore update libmDot to 2.0.3 and update mbed libs to compatible versions: mbed 121, mbed-rtos 117
10:6a12bf1f6723 2016-04-04 mfiore update library version
9:ff62b20f7000 2016-04-04 Mike Fiore update to version 1.0.8 of AT firmware
8:a8be708e0e56 2016-04-04 mfiore update library revision to 1.0.8-1
7:3c97f3048373 2016-01-29 mfiore update libmDot to latest (rev 10)
6:e27eaad36a0c 2016-01-29 Mike Fiore update to AT firmware version 0.1.4
5:59f60bedc6df 2015-08-18 mfiore update mDot library version
4:666017851052 2015-08-18 Mike Fiore update mdot-firmware to 0.1.2
3:1ee9417f6707 2015-08-18 mfiore replace mbed-src with mbed
2:e5eebd74d36d 2015-07-10 Mike Fiore update from rev 6d77074fdfa315ba86bedecc44515b11bfa6e9a0 - add support for commas in payloads of +SEND and +SENDI
1:e52ae6584f1c 2015-06-25 Mike Fiore update debug, add command source files
0:e2b8246361bc 2015-06-25 mfiore initial commit, main, debug, version, wakeup, doc