modify the write function for temperature update If you use update temperature, you modify the repeat condition when write function use - read16() -> m_I2C.write(m_Addr, &reg, 1); //stop condition - read16() -> m_I2C.write(m_Addr, &reg, 1,1); //repeat condition

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17:c62f1e2d721e 2015-07-20 eunkyoungkim modify the Source code(in LM75B.cpp); - in LM75B::read16(char reg); write function is modified from stop condition to repeated condition for temperture value update; m_I2C.write(m_Addr, &reg, 1) ->m_I2C.write(m_Addr, &reg,1,1);; default tip
16:7ac462ba84ac 2014-05-30 neilt6 Added MBED_OPERATORS check to implementation
15:69991c038abe 2014-05-02 neilt6 Added an I2C frequency argument to the constructor
14:3a44310726fe 2013-11-12 neilt6 open() no longer resets the device
13:27c19044ace6 2013-11-07 neilt6 Minor improvements
12:fc27dc535ea9 2013-09-16 neilt6 Added float operator overload, a default address in constructor, and an improved example
11:9bd544dd9e07 2013-08-28 neilt6 Minor example improvements (exits on failure)
10:51d149fa47bd 2013-08-28 neilt6 Minor documentation fix
9:74b44a27fa40 2013-08-28 neilt6 Added open() method to probe for and reset devices
8:2b797c309258 2013-08-14 neilt6 Modified library so as to be more compliant with C++ conventions
7:bebde8098fca 2013-08-09 neilt6 Minor documentation improvements
6:6b8a9d1ad49a 2013-08-09 neilt6 Fixed mistakes in documentation
5:f8b36d66b768 2013-08-07 neilt6 Added newline to bottom of LM75B.h to fix Keil ?Vision4 warning
4:06676376766a 2013-08-02 neilt6 Fixed Apache 2.0 license headers
3:9d68eed28bfb 2013-08-02 neilt6 Changed license to Apache 2.0
2:9ecc39b2ca70 2013-08-01 neilt6 Improved documentation, relocated enums, changed address macros to an enum
1:3da8df4319e8 2013-07-31 neilt6 Updated license to MIT
0:557a92280097 2013-07-31 neilt6 Initial commit