A library with drivers for different peripherals on the LPC4088 QuickStart Board or related add-on boards.

Dependencies:   FATFileSystem

Dependents:   LPC4088test LPC4088test_ledonly LPC4088test_deleteall LPC4088_RAMtest ... more


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
20:e1e36493f347 2015-06-10 embeddedartists Fixed compiler error in MCIFileSystem regarding us_ticker_api.h default tip
19:74540582e639 2014-12-19 embeddedartists Fixed bug in AR1021 driver causing problems when aborting calibration
18:9f1f1a8b4729 2014-10-27 embeddedartists Added support for Macronix QSPI flash
17:b3a179cc3d88 2014-08-27 embeddedartists Updated
16:c22621bd7dea 2014-08-27 embeddedartists Fixed bug in MCIFileSystem that occurred when CardDetect pin was not used.; Removed initialization of the LCD_LE pin as it is not used and it interfered with other uses of that pin.; Made some of EaLcdBoard's functions virtual to be able to inherit the
15:529fb3f8f88b 2014-08-25 embeddedartists Updated FATFileSystem version
14:eb9809f2ab86 2014-08-26 embeddedartists Updated FATFileSystem library to latest version
13:d868b74fd08e 2014-04-09 embeddedartists Updated to work with the new gpio_init()
12:15597e45eea0 2014-01-30 embeddedartists Added license information
11:2d4d65173195 2014-01-29 embeddedartists Updated sdram.cpp to use the hook added in mbed_lib_rev76 to allow some memory to be reserved for the stack.
10:f2409dc07e49 2014-01-10 embeddedartists Fixed example in QSPIFileSystem documentation
9:3839113c5abc 2013-12-16 embeddedartists Removed delay in mci_WaitForEvent to speed up card transactions.
8:fe3cb3fbb64e 2013-12-11 embeddedartists Extracted SPIFI initialization code from QSPIFileSystem into new SPIFI class to allow spifi to be used without having to use the file system.
7:e431d9d47db6 2013-11-11 embeddedartists Added XBee class. Tested with XBee S1
6:405c6e5a4eaf 2013-10-31 embeddedartists Updated SPI clock frequency for TSC2046
5:3290d7b766d5 2013-10-18 embeddedartists Corrected compiler warnings
4:b32cf4ef45c5 2013-10-18 embeddedartists Added AR1021 touch controller
3:9d31a3c5013e 2013-10-09 embeddedartists Updated MCIFileSystem with needed PullUp on card detect pin.
2:1c6134c80dc5 2013-09-27 embeddedartists Added documentation of QSPIFileSystem
1:f3ef2b577bf6 2013-09-26 embeddedartists Added missing dependancy on the official mbed FATFileSystem library (needed by MCIFileSystem)
0:0fdadbc3d852 2013-09-26 embeddedartists First version