TCP send example

Dependencies:   FXOS8700CQ mbed

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48:401a797a695f 2017-02-02 elmkom republish default tip
47:2f5c4c35aa36 2017-01-09 elmkom change flow server
46:733edf15f9e8 2017-01-09 elmkom tcp test code
45:fe90f1fcb4e0 2016-11-30 elmkom gsma version
44:60008ebffdd4 2016-10-26 elmkom Gsma version
43:3979ea0a2df3 2016-10-10 elmkom Flush modem buffer before send
42:8500f0cb2ea5 2016-10-07 elmkom code
41:85a736a9b900 2016-10-04 elmkom Make proximity optional
40:45e4636d20cc 2016-09-29 elmkom Remove read delays
39:3bbb3dbb531b 2016-09-27 elmkom changed datastr
38:532a0d929756 2016-09-26 elmkom latest
37:ee01f752524a 2016-09-21 elmkom v3 close and reopen socket to recover
36:f8d96ff1dd1b 2016-09-21 elmkom v2
35:2e864bae3af0 2016-09-19 elmkom proximity sensors working
34:029e07b67a41 2016-07-23 stefanrousseau Fixed the char to be * char myJsonResponse[512];;
33:eaf45dab650a 2016-07-21 fkellermavnet Changed sock read so it clears out the return data string upon call. If data is obtained then it puts it in the cleared string. Changed sock read so that it returns how many bytes/chars it received from the read.
32:8ba73eab6c72 2016-07-21 fkellermavnet replaced incorrect usage of string data() with correct c_str().
31:d7c386d2e95a 2016-07-20 stefanrousseau Make TEMP_HUMIDITY_ONLY the default again for the sensors.
30:48b43538e98b 2016-07-20 stefanrousseau Changed the motion sensor instantiation from static to dynamic inside the function that uses it. This is needed because the WNC on the shield corrupts the I2C bus during initialization.
29:e6c8bd41caa6 2016-07-16 stefanrousseau Changed proximity to value instead of string
28:886833917643 2016-07-15 JMF comment cleanup
27:f15839656a5d 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Removed now merged in file that mbed automatically added that I didn't see on last commit.
26:8d6e7e7cdcae 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Merged in my changes with Stefan's (hopefully correctly)
25:e7996d22a7e6 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Only do 1 socket open (before was doing open -> write -> read -> close. So now do 1 open then write -> read -> write -> read ...
24:bd480d2aade4 2016-07-13 stefanrousseau Updated config_me header file descriptions and moved the sensor update interval there.
23:d6ceeb6d85ed 2016-07-13 stefanrousseau Added text to config_me. Also moved the sensor update definition there.
22:41e6c417ace1 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Added a 10mS delay to the socket read function. 10mS for the first read and then 10mS in between each retry.
21:d0038d14ee7c 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Cleaned up config_me.h a little and added some comments for the user variables. More comments need to be added. Cleaned up some of my unused debug code at the bottom of main().
20:27a4f27254d0 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Set LED to RED for initialization, then BLUE after once the WNC is setup for internet comms, then GREEN after a response comes back from the server.; ; Then the LED is never touched and any incoming flow commands will set the color going forward.
19:f89baed3bd6f 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Right before the SOCKCONN during the WNC software initialization once in a while the WNC seems to be dropping a char that is sent to it, 'A' specifically. So I put in 2 "AT" commands right before the SOCKCONN and that seems to clean it up.
18:b08471eb1d1c 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Add a 3 sec delay between afterWNC hardware init is done and before the AT sockets commands are sent to the WNC.
17:38a8cc0c6ba5 2016-07-13 JMF Updated power-up sequence per WNC.
16:17c5916f2d12 2016-07-13 stefanrousseau Merged LED and JSON changes with power-up changes
15:61df4a452d38 2016-07-13 stefanrousseau Added JSON parsing and displaying the LED color
14:0c353e212296 2016-07-13 fkellermavnet Pulled in Steve Martin's new WNC initialization code.; Also removed the while(1) in case init fails, now it just continues to retry the initialization.
13:df9c49662797 2016-07-12 stefanrousseau TEMP_HUMIDITY only is the default
12:7c94ec5069dc 2016-07-12 stefanrousseau Fixed GET string format and added 3 options for the sensors to be read.
11:e6602513730f 2016-07-12 stefanrousseau Fixed I2C issues. ; a) Removed stop between HTS221 address and read; b) The latest MBED uses the slave address differently from the legacy. Stick with the old for now and fixed the HTS221 address to BF instead of 5F.; c) Made I2C definitions externs.
10:df54436ecd38 2016-07-11 fkellermavnet Changed wnc control code so that it can't do a read or a write to a socket if the socket is not opened successfully.
9:01144f2b8e03 2016-07-11 stefanrousseau Update to channel to serial
8:b08ec94d9e9f 2016-07-11 stefanrousseau changed to serial
7:489835c87d95 2016-07-11 stefanrousseau Changed device ID to serial
6:713b4cbf1a7d 2016-07-11 fkellermavnet Slowed down enhanced Steve's send cmd, wait for response when sending to the wnc uart. 1mS in between every char now.
5:3417b6a84ee3 2016-07-11 fkellermavnet Fixed get string to work proper with ATT test flow.
4:f83bedd9cab4 2016-07-11 stefanrousseau Added a sensors file that will write the FRDM-K64F motion sensor and the values from the SiLabs PMOD into a structure.
3:26b3cc155f39 2016-07-10 stefanrousseau Stefan added:; 1) Flow_parameters.h; 2) ms timer tick currently expires every 5 seconds; 3) function to parse values into sensor structure
2:0e2ef866af95 2016-07-10 JMF Adding in WNC code from Fred
1:af7a42f7d465 2016-07-09 JMF Adding string encode/decode;
0:9d5134074d84 2016-07-08 JMF Initial version of AT&T_Avnet Shape Hackathon WNC Shield board