Wii Nunchuk via RFM69HW to Duplo 9203 Remote Control Car Kit using ARM mbed on a FRDM-KL25Z

Dependencies:   CRC FastPWM RFM69 USBDevice WakeUp WiiChuk_compat mbed-rtos mbed tlc59108

Fork of wiiNunchuk_compat by Greg Brush


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
28:e7b487a50937 2017-08-02 eisd Publishing modules default tip
27:c559bfe67109 2017-08-02 eisd Transmit stick position for indicators to act before movement
26:ddfb293f4606 2017-01-04 eisd Independent headlights and indicators on the TLC59108
25:74edb9fc46c6 2017-01-04 eisd Tweaks and TLC59108-driven light bar
24:46777890b7d9 2016-06-28 eisd Report RSSI with ACK
23:e08b10694786 2016-06-28 eisd Sleep and wake up tweaks
22:d4d991c7a40b 2016-06-28 eisd Nunchuk re-init reliability
21:46a864a4b9d5 2016-06-28 eisd Wake receiver sooner from a short rest
20:95a8fe0a15bc 2016-06-28 eisd fixup: Wake on movement
19:971fddaa2b3d 2016-06-28 eisd mbed update
18:18c91572768a 2016-06-28 eisd Wake on movement to decrease perceived delay
17:b9030e94b622 2016-06-28 eisd Power down the nunchuk
16:3490cdea4986 2016-06-28 eisd Deeper nunchuk transmitter sleep
15:8888e36afe43 2016-06-28 eisd Wake on buttons as well as stick
14:579137c8ceac 2016-06-28 eisd Debug levels
13:ab524cb4f768 2016-06-28 eisd Longer, deeper sleep on receiver
12:eec17d54a646 2016-06-27 eisd Nasty sleep experiments
11:7c3fb795af73 2016-06-26 eisd Crazier sirens
10:ba778fc959b8 2016-06-26 eisd Please, please stay still; ; Why do I code?
9:dc6ffa2ef179 2016-06-26 eisd Just... stop... twitching
8:5f933580b560 2016-06-26 eisd Alarming headlights
7:f720032c2fb9 2016-06-25 eisd Chuck checksum; stop sending stop; basic siren
6:3482f1e19d71 2016-06-10 eisd Working rfm receiver and tweaks
5:7af5760d7e8f 2016-06-06 eisd Threaded rfm listener
4:c9711f0cd097 2015-06-19 eisd Rudimentary chuck receiver
3:9091adbed369 2015-06-09 eisd Send nunchuk status by rfm69
2:04fdd571a385 2015-06-08 eisd nasty hacks
1:de8c34c9ccdf 2015-06-08 eisd Chuck to led on KL25Z
0:7c98bcd8a245 2011-03-14 gbrush Initial