test sending sensor results over lora radio. Accelerometer and temp/pressure.

Dependencies:   SX127x

Serial terminal operates at 115200.

This project provides a text-based menu over serial port.
Operating the program only requires using the arrow keys, enter key to activate a control, or entering numbers.

Two sensors provided:

LIS12DH12 accelerometer operates in a continuous sampling mode. Enable control for accelerometer enables this continuous sampling, approx every 3 seconds.
LPS22HH temperature / pressure sensor operates as single shot, where pressing the control button on terminal causes single sample to be performed.

poll rate control will enable repeated reading of pressure/temperature-sensor or photo-sensor when poll rate is greater than zero.

target must be: DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1


Wayne Roberts

File content as of revision 2:972a5704f152:

#include "sx12xx.h"

#ifdef SX127x_H 
#include "sx127x_lora.h"
#include "sx127x_fsk.h"
#endif /* SX127x_H */

#define PA_OFF_DBM      -127

typedef enum {
} action_e;

typedef struct {
    uint8_t row;
    uint8_t col;
} pos_t;

#define _ITEM_VALUE      0xbb
#define _ITEM_DROPDOWN   0xaa
#define _ITEM_BUTTON     0xcc
#define _ITEM_TOGGLE     0xdd

typedef enum {
} menuMode_e;

typedef struct {
    uint8_t itemType;

    const char* const * printed_strs;   // displayed values index from read callback return
    const char* const * selectable_strs;   // choices

    unsigned (*const read)(bool forWriting);
    menuMode_e (*const write)(unsigned);
} dropdown_item_t;

typedef struct {
    uint8_t itemType;

    unsigned width; // num columns printed

    void (*const print)(void);
    bool (*const write)(const char*); // NULL for read-only.  return true: redraw menu
} value_item_t;

typedef struct {
    uint8_t itemType;

    const char * const label;
    void (*const push)(void);
} button_item_t;

typedef struct {
    uint8_t itemType;

    const char * const label0;
    const char * const label1;
    bool (*const read)(void);
    bool (*const push)(void);
} toggle_item_t;

#define FLAG_MSGTYPE_ALL            0x07
#define FLAG_MSGTYPE_PKT            0x01
#define FLAG_MSGTYPE_PER            0x02
#define FLAG_MSGTYPE_PING           0x04

typedef struct {
    pos_t pos;  // on screen position, both row & col with 1 starting value
    const char* const label;

    const void* const itemPtr;

    uint8_t flags;

    const void* refreshReadItem;
} menu_t;
#define FIRST_CHIP_MENU_ROW       3

typedef struct {
    menuMode_e mode;
    uint8_t sel_idx;
    const menu_t* sm;
    uint8_t dropdown_col;
} menuState_t;

extern menuState_t menuState;
#define MAX_MENU_COLUMNS            6
extern menu_t* menu[][MAX_MENU_COLUMNS];
extern int8_t StopMenuCols[];

extern uint8_t entry_buf_idx;
extern char entry_buf[];

void log_printf(const char* format, ...);

typedef struct
    void    (*const TxDone_botHalf)(void);    // read irqAt for timestamp of interrupt
    void    (*const RxDone)(uint8_t size, float rssi, float snr);    // read radio.rx_buf for payload, irqAt for timestamp of interrupt
} RadioEvents_t;

class Radio {
        static const char* const chipNum_str;

        static void boardInit(const RadioEvents_t* e);
        static void hw_reset(void);
        static void clearIrqFlags(void);
        static void readChip(void);
        static void tx_carrier(void);
        static void tx_preamble(void);
        static void txPkt(void);
        static void Rx(void);
        static void setFS(void);

        static const value_item_t tx_dbm_item;

        static const menu_t* get_modem_menu(void);
        static const menu_t* get_modem_sub_menu(void);

        static unsigned pktType_read(bool);
        static menuMode_e pktType_write(unsigned);
        static const char* const pktType_strs[];

        static void tx_dbm_print(void);
        static bool tx_dbm_write(const char*);

        static unsigned tx_ramp_read(bool);
        static menuMode_e tx_ramp_write(unsigned);
        static const char* tx_ramp_strs[];

        static const char* const opmode_status_strs[];
        static const char* const opmode_select_strs[];
        static unsigned opmode_read(bool);
        static menuMode_e opmode_write(unsigned);

        static uint8_t get_payload_length(void);
        static void set_payload_length(uint8_t);

        static void tx_payload_length_print(void);
        static bool tx_payload_length_write(const char*);
#ifdef SX127x_H 
        static SX127x radio;
        static SX127x_lora lora;
        static SX127x_fsk fsk;
        static void rfsw_callback(void);
        static void ocp(uint8_t ma);
        static InterruptIn dio0;
        static InterruptIn dio1;
#elif defined(SX126x_H)
        static SX126x radio;
        static ModulationParams_t mpFSK, mpLORA;
        static PacketParams_t ppFSK, ppLORA;
#elif defined(SX128x_H)
        static SX128x radio;
        static uint8_t tx_param_buf[];
        static ModulationParams_t mpFLRC, mpBLE_GFSK, mpLORA;
        static PacketParams_t ppGFSK, ppFLRC, ppLORA, ppBLE;
        #error import radio driver library
        static bool service(int8_t);
        static const menu_t common_menu[];

        static void test(void);

        static unsigned read_register(unsigned);
        static void write_register(unsigned, unsigned);

        static const RadioEvents_t* RadioEvents;

        static void txDoneBottom(void);

        static const menu_t lora_menu[];

        static LowPowerTimer lpt;

#if defined(SX128x_H)
        #include "radio_sx128x_private.h"
#elif defined(SX127x_H)
        #include "radio_sx127x_private.h"
#elif defined(SX126x_H)
        #include "radio_sx126x_private.h"

extern RawSerial pc;