test sending sensor results over lora radio. Accelerometer and temp/pressure.

Dependencies:   SX127x

Serial terminal operates at 115200.

This project provides a text-based menu over serial port.
Operating the program only requires using the arrow keys, enter key to activate a control, or entering numbers.

Two sensors provided:

LIS12DH12 accelerometer operates in a continuous sampling mode. Enable control for accelerometer enables this continuous sampling, approx every 3 seconds.
LPS22HH temperature / pressure sensor operates as single shot, where pressing the control button on terminal causes single sample to be performed.

poll rate control will enable repeated reading of pressure/temperature-sensor or photo-sensor when poll rate is greater than zero.

target must be: DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1

Wayne Roberts
Mon Apr 29 13:54:35 2019 -0700
add Ticker for polling photo-sensor and pressure/temp-sensor

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