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sha1_context Struct Reference

sha1_context Struct Reference

SHA-1 context structure. More...

#include <sha1.h>

Data Fields

unsigned long total [2]
unsigned long state [5]
unsigned char buffer [64]
unsigned char ipad [64]
unsigned char opad [64]

Detailed Description

SHA-1 context structure.

Definition at line 27 of file sha1.h.

Field Documentation

unsigned char buffer[64]

data block being processed

Definition at line 31 of file sha1.h.

unsigned char ipad[64]

HMAC: inner padding

Definition at line 33 of file sha1.h.

unsigned char opad[64]

HMAC: outer padding

Definition at line 34 of file sha1.h.

unsigned long state[5]

intermediate digest state

Definition at line 30 of file sha1.h.

unsigned long total[2]

number of bytes processed

Definition at line 29 of file sha1.h.