Send the data of GR-PEACH_HVC-P2_sample to the cloud.

Dependencies:   AsciiFont GR-PEACH_video GraphicsFramework LCD_shield_config R_BSP USBHost_custom easy-connect-gr-peach

Fork of mbed-os-example-client by mbed-os-examples

Note at the time of sample import

Please not check the "Update all libraries to the latest version" at the time of import.


When exporting and using it, increase the following stack size.


#define TCPIP_THREAD_STACKSIZE      1024
#define TCPIP_THREAD_STACKSIZE      2048


This is a sample to send the analysis result of GR-PEACH_HVC-P2_sample to the cloud using mbed-client. Please refer to following for operation of HVC-P2.

Import programGR-PEACH_HVC-P2_sample

Sample to operate omron HVC-P2 on GR-PEACH.

Required hardware

Application setup

Client credentials

To register the application to mbed Device Connector, you need to create and set the client side certificate.

  1. Go to and log in with your mbed account
  2. On mbed Device Connector, go to and click the Get my device security credentials button to get new credentials for your device.
  3. Replace the contents in security.h of this example with content copied above.

Ethernet settings

This sample uses Ethernet as the default connection type. To change the connection type, set WIFI_BP3595 in mbed_app.json:


    "help": "Options are ETHERNET, WIFI_ESP8266, WIFI_BP3595",
    "value": "ETHERNET"

To specify MAC address, add fllowing function to main.cpp. (When using Wifi, setting of MAC address is not necessary.)

Specify MAC address

// set mac address
void mbed_mac_address(char *mac) {
    mac[0] = 0x00;
    mac[1] = 0x02;
    mac[2] = 0xF7;
    mac[3] = 0xF0;
    mac[4] = 0x00;
    mac[5] = 0x00;

Wifi settings

This example can use BP3595 Wifi Interface for managing the wireless connectivity. To run this example using Wifi, you need:

  1. A BP3595 Wifi module ( )
  2. Mount BP3595 onto GR-PEACH
  3. Close GR-PEACH's JP21 (
  4. In the mbed_app.json file, change


    "help": "Options are ETHERNET, WIFI_ESP8266, WIFI_BP3595",
    "value": "WIFI_BP3595"

Provide your Wifi SSID and password here and leave \" in the beginning and end of your SSID and password as shown in the example below:


"wifi-ssid": {
    "help": "WiFi SSID",
    "value": "\"SSID\""
"wifi-password": {
    "help": "WIFI Password",
    "value": "\"Password\""

Specify the security type for connection to be used. When the security type is WPA2, you need to specify NSAPI_SECURITY_WAP as follows:


    "value": "NSAPI_SECURITY_WEP"

By default, NSAPI_SECURITY_WPA_WPA2 is specified here.

Application resources

This example exposes four resources listed below:

  1. 3202/0/5700. Recognition result from HVC-P2 (GET).
  2. 3201/0/5850. Blink function, blinks LED when executed (POST).
  3. 3201/0/5853. Blink pattern, used by the blink function to determine how to blink. In the format of 1000:500:1000:500:1000:500 (PUT).
  4. 3201/0/5855. Blink color, used by the blink function. Any of red, green, blue, cyan, yellow and magenta is acceptable (PUT).

For more info on how to get notifications when resource 1 changes, or how to use resource 2, 3 and 4, please look at

Import programGR-PEACH_mbed-connector-ZXingSample-node

Node.js based Web Application for mbed Device Connector specific to GR-PEACH_mbed-os-client-ZXingSample

# This is a Web Application for GR-PEACH_mbed-os-client-ZXingSample, but it can also be used for this sample.

Tue Mar 14 05:59:09 2017 +0000
Changed initial setting of mbed_app.json to ETHERNET.

Who changed what in which revision?

UserRevisionLine numberNew contents of line
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 1 properties ([[$class: 'ParametersDefinitionProperty', parameterDefinitions: [
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 2 [$class: 'StringParameterDefinition', name: 'mbed_os_revision', defaultValue: 'latest', description: 'Revision of mbed-os to build']
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 3 ]]])
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 4
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 5 try {
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 6 echo "Verifying build with mbed-os version ${mbed_os_revision}"
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 7 env.MBED_OS_REVISION = "${mbed_os_revision}"
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 8 } catch (err) {
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 9 def mbed_os_revision = "latest"
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 10 echo "Verifying build with mbed-os version ${mbed_os_revision}"
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 11 env.MBED_OS_REVISION = "${mbed_os_revision}"
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 12 }
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 13
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 14 // List of targets to compile
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 15 def targets = [
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 16 "K64F",
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 17 "NUCLEO_F429ZI",
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 18 "UBLOX_EVK_ODIN_W2"
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 19 ]
mbed_official 66:8079b3572c2e 20
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 21 // Map toolchains to compilers
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 22 def toolchains = [
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 23 ARM: "armcc",
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 24 GCC_ARM: "arm-none-eabi-gcc",
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 25 IAR: "iar_arm"
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 26 ]
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 27
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 28 def configurations = [
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 29 "def": ["ETH"],
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 30 "thd": ["ATMEL", "MCR20"],
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 31 "6lp": ["ATMEL", "MCR20"]
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 32 ]
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 33
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 34 def connectiontypes = [
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 35 "ETH",
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 36 "ATMEL",
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 37 "MCR20"
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 38 ]
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 39
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 40 def stepsForParallel = [:]
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 41
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 42 // Jenkins pipeline does not support map.each, we need to use oldschool for loop
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 43 for (int i = 0; i < targets.size(); i++) {
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 44 for(int j = 0; j < toolchains.size(); j++) {
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 45 for(int k = 0; k < configurations.size(); k++) {
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 46 for(int l = 0; l < connectiontypes.size(); l++) {
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 47
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 48 def target = targets.get(i)
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 49 def toolchain = toolchains.keySet().asList().get(j)
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 50 def compilerLabel = toolchains.get(toolchain)
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 51 def config = configurations.keySet().asList().get(k)
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 52 def allowed_configs = configurations.get(config)
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 53 def connectiontype = connectiontypes.get(l)
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 54
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 55 def stepName = "${target} ${toolchain} ${config} ${connectiontype}"
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 56 if(allowed_configs.contains(connectiontype)) {
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 57 stepsForParallel[stepName] = buildStep(target, compilerLabel, toolchain, config, connectiontype)
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 58 }
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 59 }
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 60 }
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 61 }
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 62 }
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 63
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 64 timestamps {
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 65 parallel stepsForParallel
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 66 }
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 67
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 68 def buildStep(target, compilerLabel, toolchain, configName, connectiontype) {
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 69 return {
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 70 stage ("${target}_${compilerLabel}_${configName}_${connectiontype}") {
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 71 node ("${compilerLabel}") {
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 72 deleteDir()
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 73 dir("mbed-os-example-client") {
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 74 checkout scm
mbed_official 66:8079b3572c2e 75
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 76 if ("${configName}" == "thd") {
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 77 // Change device type to Thread router
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 78 execute("sed -i 's/\"NANOSTACK\", \"LOWPAN_ROUTER\", \"COMMON_PAL\"/\"NANOSTACK\", \"THREAD_ROUTER\", \"COMMON_PAL\"/' mbed_app.json")
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 79 // Change connection type to thread
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 80 execute ("sed -i 's/\"value\": \"ETHERNET\"/\"value\": \"MESH_THREAD\"/' mbed_app.json")
mbed_official 40:c2fa339bdacc 81 // Reuse 6lowpan channel to Thread channel
mbed_official 40:c2fa339bdacc 82 execute("sed -i 's/\"mbed-mesh-api.6lowpan-nd-channel\": 12/\"mbed-mesh-api.thread-config-channel\": 18/' mbed_app.json")
mbed_official 40:c2fa339bdacc 83 // Reuse 6lowpan channel page to Thread PANID
mbed_official 40:c2fa339bdacc 84 execute("sed -i 's/\"mbed-mesh-api.6lowpan-nd-channel-page\": 0/\"mbed-mesh-api.thread-config-panid\": \"0xBAAB\"/' mbed_app.json")
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 85 }
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 86
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 87 if ("${configName}" == "6lp") {
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 88 // Change connection type to 6LoWPAN
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 89 execute ("sed -i 's/\"value\": \"ETHERNET\"/\"value\": \"MESH_LOWPAN_ND\"/' mbed_app.json")
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 90
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 91 // Change channel for HW tests
mbed_official 66:8079b3572c2e 92 execute ("sed -i 's/\"mbed-mesh-api.6lowpan-nd-channel\": 12/\"mbed-mesh-api.6lowpan-nd-channel\": 17/' mbed_app.json")
mbed_official 66:8079b3572c2e 93
mbed_official 66:8079b3572c2e 94 //Use PANID filter
mbed_official 66:8079b3572c2e 95 execute ("sed -i '/6lowpan-nd-channel\":/a \"mbed-mesh-api.6lowpan-nd-panid-filter\": \"0xABBA\",' mbed_app.json")
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 96 }
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 97
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 98 if ("${connectiontype}" == "MCR20") {
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 99 // Replace default rf shield
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 100 execute ("sed -i 's/\"value\": \"ATMEL\"/\"value\": \"MCR20\"/' mbed_app.json")
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 101 }
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 102
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 103 // Copy security.h to build
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 104 mbed.getSecurityFile()
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 105
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 106 // Set mbed-os to revision received as parameter
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 107 execute ("mbed deploy --protocol ssh")
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 108 dir("mbed-os") {
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 109 execute ("git checkout ${env.MBED_OS_REVISION}")
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 110 }
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 111 execute ("mbed compile --build out/${target}_${toolchain}_${configName}_${connectiontype}/ -m ${target} -t ${toolchain} -c")
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 112 }
mbed_official 27:3d32587bf8f7 113 archive '**/mbed-os-example-client.bin'
mbed_official 36:bfb6816a677c 114 step([$class: 'WsCleanup'])
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 115 }
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 116 }
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 117 }
mbed_official 18:628e22df9c41 118 }