Driver Library for our displays

Dependents:   dm_bubbles dm_calc dm_paint dm_sdcard_with_adapter ... more


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
14:2db7065edbec 2015-10-12 displaymodule Important updates, compatible with the new mbed library?more platforms support. Recommended updates. default tip
13:6ff2649b6c27 2015-09-18 displaymodule add DM-TFT28-116: DmTpFt6x06.cpp / h
12:ef0528e1b5d1 2015-01-22 displaymodule Reset Max speed for accessing SD Card
11:264e19992620 2015-01-21 displaymodule add DM_TFT43_108, DM_TFT50_111 based on new lib drv: DmTftRa8875
10:d263094e666d 2014-07-09 displaymodule Added better out-of-bounds checks for touch. If the coordinate is outside the display area then it is considered as not touching.
9:bac5439e3c1c 2014-07-07 displaymodule Fixed touch calibration issues
8:b24f01d148c4 2014-07-07 displaymodule Removed dependency on the T_IRQ pin.
7:6cd8c36cbdb3 2014-07-04 displaymodule Improved handling of touch calibration
6:fde03297017b 2014-05-23 displaymodule Lowered the pulsing time for bit banged SPI on the LPC4088 QSB to make it more responsive.
5:2c60f4aafce6 2014-05-22 displaymodule Removed debug prints in touch controller code which decreased speed.
4:92d019216e28 2014-05-22 displaymodule Restored the pulse_high/pulse_low functions and added slow_* versions of them for faster platforms. Put the SPECIAL_D5 define into use as that was the reason behind DM_TFT_101 not working
3:02c19cbc707c 2014-05-21 displaymodule Fixed bug in Touch.cpp. Added delays in the pulse_* macros to lower the clock frequency in the simulated SPI communication.
2:59be7fca4581 2014-05-20 embeddedartists Added common init function
1:eab9854e0710 2014-05-13 displaymodule Fixed toolchain flag
0:d6ff5fa503e8 2014-05-13 displaymodule First version