Partial implementation of BlueGiga's BGAPI for use with the BLE112/3 modules over UART.

Hi there! I recently started using BLE112 modules with the mbed LPC1768 MCU, and I realized there was no implementation of BlueGiga's BGAPI available for mbed. This library implements only a few commands, but if you're looking to get started, this is a good place to look.

This was developed against BGAPI v1.3.2. I make no guarantees as to how well it will work with newer revisions of the software.

diff -r 23d9a99dcde0 -r 63daf39f20e1 api_datatypes.h
--- a/api_datatypes.h	Tue May 19 05:49:00 2015 +0000
+++ b/api_datatypes.h	Tue May 19 07:30:40 2015 +0000
@@ -36,4 +36,17 @@
     uint16_t result; ///< Result. Non-zero value indicates an error.
 } ble_msg_gap_discover_rsp_t;
+/** Data structure representing a scan result */
+typedef struct {
+    int8_t rssi; ///< RSSI value (dBm).
+    uint8_t packet_type; ///< Scan response header. 
+    uint8_t hw_addr[6]; ///< BLE Hardware Address.
+    uint8_t address_type; ///< Address type. 1 for random, 0 for public.
+    uint8_t bond; ///< Bond handle if known bond for device, 0xff otherwise.
+    uint8_t *data; ///< Service data.
+    uint8_t data_len; ///< Service data length (in bytes).
+} ble_msg_gap_scan_result_evt_t;
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