This program is guided to help establish a connection between two RFM95 900MHz LoRa radio modules using Maxim Integrated's Feather MCUs (MAX32630FTHR Mbed and the MAX32620FTHR Mbed). Once the radios are configured after powering on and if the radios are wired correctly, the two radios will self identify as either a master or a slave, and will then proceed to PING and PONG back and forth. Information about what is happening between the radios can be seen if the two boards are hooked up to a USB COM port through the included DAPLINK/MAX32625PICO modules.

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial SX1276GenericLib USBDeviceHT max32630fthr

Fork of MAX326xxFTHR_LoRa_PingPong by Devin Alexander


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21:458f85f54121 2018-06-15 dev_alexander testing committing again to see if it re-generates the page again default tip
20:c57404b94a1d 2018-06-04 dev_alexander Deleted unused library
19:9f035b9e65ec 2018-06-01 dev_alexander got this sample program for 2+ sx1276 modules to communicate in a ping pong fashion. This program has been tested and verified to run with 915MHz Hope RFM95 modules running with MAX32620FTHR and MAX32630FTHR micro controllers.
18:d5527ce82e6b 2018-03-12 Helmut64 Fixed the Heltec SPI SLCK Pin.
17:98f2528e8399 2018-02-23 Helmut64 Added Heltec L4 board Pins into PinMap.h; Added USBDevice library to support USBSerial console IO; Moved helper code into utils.cpp; Moved dprintf support with var args and serial or USBSerial output.; Added compile time version support to set RTC to compi...
16:675f4d0ee9e9 2018-02-22 Helmut64 Added proper PinMap for the Heltec Board; updated libs
15:c70f65d606c4 2018-01-30 Helmut64 Added STM32L432KC into PinMap.h
14:0a23f0ff71ce 2017-11-26 Helmut64 Updated SX1276 lib
13:5a32a1922fbc 2017-08-08 Helmut64 Updated target to TARGET_DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1; Use latest mbed version.; No need to set the system clock anymore because LRWAN1 is not included in mbed.; Updated to latest SX1276GenericLib.
12:aa287e51c09e 2017-07-11 Helmut64 Updated SX1276GenerlicLib. (Arduino compatibility work)
11:d3a591c20cd7 2017-06-29 Helmut64 Added Radio callback this pointer and userData. This makes it easier to pass context into the interrupt callbacks. The this pointer allows to call C++ functions easier.; Update SX1276GenericLib
10:e589a497bd64 2017-06-23 Helmut64 Updated to use latest SX1276GenericLib.
9:2f9e4be4d046 2017-05-30 Helmut64 Defined missing PC_13 for the LRWAN1 board.; Updated to latest mbed and SX1276Generic libs
8:3b0d7b4ff28f 2017-05-19 Helmut64 Updated description.
7:6a8a82bfb0c6 2017-05-19 Helmut64 Update SX1276GenericLib, Lora frequencies are now specified in Hz.
6:1b598b0e52e4 2017-05-19 Helmut64 Updated SX12GenerlicLib; Radio Init has now a return value true of a Radio chip is detected.
5:e3b39ae71d3c 2017-05-17 Helmut64 Updated SX1276GenericLib
4:1413cd44cb4b 2017-05-16 Helmut64 Updated to newer 1276GenericLib
3:dc560d3e9070 2017-05-14 Helmut64 Added Radio pointer to callbacks.
2:772fb0dbccef 2017-05-11 Helmut64 Updated SX1276Generic lib.
1:65d602e2d746 2017-05-10 Helmut64 Added simple sleep to save power.
0:c43b6919ae15 2017-05-10 Helmut64 Initial checkin Lora support for the STM B_L072Z_LRWAN1 board out of the box.;