This program is guided to help establish a connection between two RFM95 900MHz LoRa radio modules using Maxim Integrated's Feather MCUs (MAX32630FTHR Mbed and the MAX32620FTHR Mbed). Once the radios are configured after powering on and if the radios are wired correctly, the two radios will self identify as either a master or a slave, and will then proceed to PING and PONG back and forth. Information about what is happening between the radios can be seen if the two boards are hooked up to a USB COM port through the included DAPLINK/MAX32625PICO modules.

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial SX1276GenericLib USBDeviceHT max32630fthr

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Fri Feb 23 12:57:25 2018 +0000
Added Heltec L4 board Pins into PinMap.h; Added USBDevice library to support USBSerial console IO; Moved helper code into utils.cpp; Moved dprintf support with var args and serial or USBSerial output.; Added compile time version support to set RTC to compi...

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