; vergeten ergens?

Dependencies:   HIDScope biquadFilter mbed

Fork of a_check_emg_filtered_new_lib by Daniqe Kottelenberg

diff -r bb4a6c7836d8 -r fd4521a4f0b3 main.cpp
--- a/main.cpp	Mon Oct 24 11:24:50 2016 +0000
+++ b/main.cpp	Mon Oct 24 11:40:48 2016 +0000
@@ -4,42 +4,47 @@
 #include "BiQuad.h"  
 //Define objects
-AnalogIn    emg_biceps_right_in( A0 );             //analog in to get EMG in to c++
-Ticker      sample_timer;           //ticker
+AnalogIn    emg_biceps_right_in( A0 );              //analog in to get EMG from right biceps in to c++
+AnalogIn    emg_tricept_right_in (A1);              //analog in to get EMG from left biceps in to c++
+Ticker      sample_timer;                           //ticker
 HIDScope    scope( 3);              //open 3 channels in hidscope
 DigitalOut richting_motor1(D4);     //motor1 direction output    
 PwmOut pwm_motor1(D5);              //motor1 velocity  output
 DigitalOut  led(LED_GREEN);
 //define variables
-double emg_biceps_right;
-double emg_filtered_high_biceps_right;
-double emg_abs_biceps_right;
-double emg_filtered_biceps_right;
 int    onoffsignal=0;
 double cut_off_value=0.08; //gespecifeerd door floortje
+double signalsum_right;
+double signalsum_right_filter_high;
+double signalsum_right_filter_high_abs;
+double signalsum_right_filtered;
+double biceps_right;
+double triceps_right;
 BiQuad filterhigh(9.5654e-01,-1.9131e+00,9.5654e-01,-1.9112e+00,9.1498e-01);
 BiQuad filterlow (6.2942e-06, 1.2588e-05,6.2942e-06,-1.9929e+00,9.9292e-01);
 //functions which are called in ticker
 void filter(){
-        emg_biceps_right=emg_biceps_right_in.read();                            //read the emg value from the elektrodes
-        emg_filtered_high_biceps_right= filterhigh.step(emg_biceps_right);
-        emg_abs_biceps_right=fabs(emg_filtered_high_biceps_right); //fabs because float
-        emg_filtered_biceps_right=filterlow.step(emg_abs_biceps_right);
-        led=!led;
+    biceps_right        =   emg_biceps_right_in.read;  //inladen data
+    triceps_right       =   emg_tricept_right_in.read; //inladen data
+    signalsum_right     =   biceps_right-triceps_right; // inladen data
+    signalsum_right_filter_high     =   filterhigh.step(signalsum_right);
+    signalsum_right_filter_high_abs =   fabs(signalsum_right_filter_high);
+    signalsum_right_filtered        =   filterlow.step(signalsum_right_filtered);      
-        if (emg_filtered_biceps_right>cut_off_value)
+        if (signalsum_right_filtered>cut_off_value)
         //send signals  to scope
-        scope.set(0, emg_biceps_right );           //set emg signal to scope in channel 1
-        scope.set(1, emg_filtered_biceps_right);    
-        scope.set(2, onoffsignal);
+        scope.set(0, biceps_right );           //set emg signal to scope in channel 1
+        scope.set(1, triceps_right);    
+        scope.set(2, signalsum_right_filtered);
         scope.send();                       //send all the signals to the scope