Fork of Chris Styles' C12832 LCD driver

Dependents:   co657_lcdplay co657_nrf52_beacons door_lock co657_IoT

Fork of C12832 by Chris Styles


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
22:7accdf0bfc18 2015-11-27 co657_frmb Some updates for drawing optimisation. default tip
21:f5ad9d768b91 2015-11-15 co657_frmb made pixel_nochk public
20:dbee79303f9a 2015-11-02 co657_frmb Squeezed some more cycles out of line-drawing
19:de1f73b31288 2015-11-01 co657_frmb Some small optimisations.
18:8c294697c901 2015-11-01 co657_frmb Optimisations for line drawing, looks like it works. Also fixed (existing) bug for bounds checking.
17:67f9ca828270 2015-10-28 co657_frmb Added hline and vline [public], re-plumbed line(); cls() only flushes if auto_up.
16:7de323fa46fe 2014-02-05 chris removed unused code, removed MCU specific code
15:67dfa5550b73 2014-01-30 chris think this is anothe fork
14:b834d587bf45 2014-01-08 chris more changes
13:8a9cad03124b 2014-01-01 chris Whitespace changes only
12:4affce236743 2013-11-09 chris Merged pin map changes;
11:1d68011a277c 2013-11-09 chris Added Pin names to the constructor, so we can support any board
10:8f86576007d6 2013-10-27 sam_grove Don't claim stdout by default. Make the user of the library do that.
9:e0e646b7fd20 2013-10-25 sam_grove Passed name into stream
8:c9afe58d786a 2012-12-21 dreschpe BUGFIX IN AUTOUPDATE
7:0f5a3b0f3cab 2012-12-21 dreschpe Add bitmap graphic
6:6b96b16aad47 2012-12-05 dreschpe fix warnings
5:0f53e522a2bf 2012-12-05 dreschpe fix header file
4:8d812da33cdc 2012-12-05 dreschpe Fix for mbed lib rev. 50
3:468cdccff7af 2012-10-25 dreschpe Add auto update of the framebuffer; Include standart font into lib
2:bdc53502af17 2012-10-18 dreschpe add LPC11U24 support; fix bug in set_contrast
1:66dd8afbfd06 2012-10-16 dreschpe add get_contrast to read contrast setting
0:4bbc531be6e2 2012-10-16 dreschpe version 1.0