ECE 4180 - Simon: A Memory Game


This cookbook details a small memory game, based on the 90's toy 'Simon'. For a some nostalgia, there is provided a youtube video advertising the old game.

For those who don't know, Simon played a random pattern of colored lights and sounds which the player had to repeat by pushing the corresponding buttons. As the player successfully completes the sequence, the level is complete and the game adds another element. As levels are completed difficulty is increased as there are more elements in the sequence.

The code written for this game was developed in C++ using the mbed cloud compiler.


As a demonstration of our game in action, a video has been recorded to show the game being played.


Quadrant 1p25p7
Quadrant 2p26p9
Quadrant 3p23p8
Quadrant 4p24p6
Power Transistorp21
uLCDtx p28, rx 27, rst 29
Volume Potp19
Voltage Analog Inp18

Picture of Our Implementation

The hardware that was used for this project included.

  1. NXP LPC1678 mbed microcontroller - powered via USB
  2. Analog Loudspeaker - Including a driver circuit comprised of a transistor to boost current levels to increase speaker volume.
  3. uLCD-144-G2 128 - 5 connections.
  4. 4 Uniquely Colored LEDs - Our colors used were green, red, blue, and yellow.
  5. 4 Pushbuttons - for user input.
  6. Potentiometer - Utilized for volume control.

Below is the wiring diagram of the entire project. In order to replicate this project correctly, it is important to note the pin crossovers that exist in the four quarters. The diagram exhibits these unsequencialities.


To check out the projects code, the link for importing the code is below.

Import programSimon

Simon: A Memory Game

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