Prius IPM controller

Dependencies:   mbed

Fork of analoghalls5_5 by N K

Mon Mar 16 15:40:07 2015 +0000
Set for 3A Iq, 0A Id, Ki = 1e-3, Kp = Kd = 0, loop still oscillates but is passable

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bwang0:54cf32d35f4d 1#include "includes.h"
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 2#include "transforms.h"
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 3#include "filters.h"
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 4#include "context.h"
bwang1:1f58bdcf2956 5#include "core.h"
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 6#include "meta.h"
bwang1:1f58bdcf2956 7#include "sensors.h"
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 8#include "callbacks.h"
nki27:846c08fb3697 9
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 10int main() {
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 11 Context *context = new Context();
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 12 context->ConfigureOutputs(D6, D13, D3, D8);
nki33:e7b132029bae 13 context->ConfigureCurrentSensors(A1, A2, 0.01f, 0.7f);
bwang35:83cf9564bd0c 14 context->ConfigureIdPidController(0.001f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f);
nki34:bfe180de813a 15 context->ConfigureIqPidController(0.001f, 0.0f, 0.0f, 1.0f, -1.0f);
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 16 context->ConfigureThrottle(A0, 0.8f, 3.0f);
nki33:e7b132029bae 17 context->ConfigurePositionSensor(A4, A5, 0.249f, 0.497f, 0.231f, 0.499f, 205.0f);
bwang35:83cf9564bd0c 18 context->ConfigureReference(3.0f); // max phase current
bwang35:83cf9564bd0c 19 context->ConfigureDebugger(2, 2000);
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 20 context->AttachCallBack(&fast, 5000);
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 21 context->AttachCallBack(&slow, 10);
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 22 context->AttachCallBack(&debug, 10);
bwang24:f1ff9c7256b5 23 context->AttachCallBack(&log, 500);
bwang11:dccbaa9274c5 24 context->Start();
nki10:b4abecccec7a 25}