The Hiking Pal tracking device firmware. See full description on the detail page:

Dependencies:   FXOS8700CQ MODSERIAL mbed

Fork of Avnet_ATT_Cellular_IOT by Avnet


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
87:ca75c5e785a7 2016-12-22 bowenfeng Join latest hiking activity instead. default tip
86:5ff234988f53 2016-12-22 bowenfeng Use actual GPS data.
85:43d791cd5967 2016-12-22 bowenfeng Report data using the allocated session. Remove hard coded IDs.
84:0bf8168b690a 2016-12-22 bowenfeng Auto join the first found hiking.
83:8cb14a4937d1 2016-12-21 bowenfeng Update flow base URL
82:a6c68da2b94a 2016-12-21 bowenfeng Hiking Pal tracking device initial commit
81:f236ef0ee0c5 2016-11-17 Added tag att_cellular_K64_wnc_14A2A_20161117 for changeset d635c0eddd6e
80:d635c0eddd6e 2016-08-16 fkellermavnet If WNC returns more than 1 IP address, fixed control software to pick just 1 of them instread of all of them. Found a pc.printf replaced with PRINTF. att_cellular_K64_wnc_14A2A_20161117
79:ff3014b3637e 2016-08-15 fkellermavnet Been timing the URL resolve, it can take a long time sometime for the WNC to reply back with an IP or sometimes an error.; ; I increased the timeout for the dns resolve from 15 to 60 seconds. This is one more step toward better.
78:00cca62e5d9f 2016-08-15 fkellermavnet Fixed 2 minor things: 1 more missing .c_str() from cell_modem.cpp and a missing \r\n from some debug output.
77:c65eae5b9958 2016-08-15 fkellermavnet Fixed some missing \r.; Added report of app version.; Added report of WNC firmware version.;
76:a7a9b9cbfbc0 2016-08-13 fkellermavnet No change.
75:8cc98a3b9c62 2016-08-13 fkellermavnet Re-merged in Stefan's branch with Eaddy branch.
74:3e3ee15584e5 2016-08-13 fkellermavnet Merged in latest code from Eaddy. This adds in more checks if the socket disconnects and attempts to reconnect it and also to search for the +CME error condition.
73:da723fedfdd2 2016-08-12 fkellermavnet Merged in WNC suggestions for: Check for EXTERR and close and reopen the socket if it occurs. If sockopen fails send command to close the socket. Don't use find() on empty strings.
72:b500e1507b5f 2016-08-11 stefanrousseau Add 4s startup delay and changed GPS_valid to number of satellites.
71:45a5e426df81 2016-08-11 stefanrousseau Added GPS to FLOW.
70:24d5800f27be 2016-08-11 stefanrousseau Correct GPS init error
69:5a3414cc7531 2016-08-11 stefanrousseau Added code for Xadow GPS. Not done sending to Flow Designer yet.
68:6e311c747045 2016-08-11 fkellermavnet Added Avnet copyright headers on all source files.
67:11db02bb93e1 2016-08-04 JMF changed 'puts' calls to PUTS and defined them in hardware.h along with PRINTF so we can set them all to pc.puts
66:b2425419b0cc 2016-08-04 fkellermavnet Need to unconditionally set the APN string for new boards!
65:0d99b8c635c1 2016-08-01 stefanrousseau Use MODSERIAL with; bool MODSERIAL::claim (FILE *stream); commented out
64:09004cd610df 2016-08-01 stefanrousseau Replaced all printf's with PRINTF=pc.printf; moved to latest mbed library
63:90d7c69993cd 2016-08-01 stefanrousseau Changed the mdm UART from SerialBuffered to MODSERIAL so there will only be one type.
62:73c564e883e9 2016-08-01 stefanrousseau Modified wnccontrol.cpp to use the serial port definitions in hardware.h instead of those locally declared.
61:f6b93129f954 2016-08-01 stefanrousseau Moved cellular modem routines from main.cpp to cell_modem.cpp; Moved HTS221 routines from main.cpp to sensors.cpp
60:2aa16fd02dfd 2016-07-30 JMF added two files that are only used if you are building for ULINK output. Not yet included in the project build/link.
59:7ebb9436b2bd 2016-07-29 stefanrousseau Changed the welcome message to:; "Hello World from the Cellular IoT Kit!"
58:c417fbc39c22 2016-07-29 stefanrousseau Made TEMP_HUMIDITY_ACCELEROMETER the sensor selection default, as the FLOW project now tests for those
57:d184175b6b03 2016-07-28 stefanrousseau Found that a merge at some point used an older version of sensors.cpp. Replacing the omitted changes...
56:cb42ff383dab 2016-07-28 stefanrousseau Changes USB UART to use MODSERIAL library
55:3abf9e3f42e6 2016-07-28 stefanrousseau Added virtual sensors. This uses the USB Rx unless you un-comment USE_VIRTUAL_SENSORS. Also reverted to mbed 119 because of problems.
54:beb1b53f7e2b 2016-07-27 stefanrousseau Update to use the latest mbed library version 122. So far it looks good.
53:dcccf2881fa0 2016-07-26 fkellermavnet Added conditional debug.; Removed printf("D %s\r\n") which I never should have checked in this past weekend.; Left code with intermediate level of debug turned on.
52:9dafcb7f320f 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Added strcpy length check.
51:d9e5952545da 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Changed back to ATT server (from last commit, was google).
50:8ac42961458c 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Made sockread char buffer larger to handle more data coming back from a server. For now, 10*1500 bytes.
49:97f823273dc0 2016-07-24 stefanrousseau Removed extra sockread_mdm
48:93a4ab6ac177 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Merged (hopefully correctly) Stefan's changes into mine. Also changed it to copy from the C++ string to the char buffer so that the C based JSON parser will work correctly everytime. The latter is what was causing an OS exception when no readback.
47:c07656706ca1 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Just making commit note.; This seems very stable now.
46:da9d788f5d5a 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Exception was not WNC issue or parsing. Being caused by bad conversion from string to char array. FIXED!
45:a836eecd5d12 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Setup no response string for when WNC is down. Now erases string in case user manipulated it between calls.
44:c95a85b5cf92 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Part 2 fix for exception after no response from WNC sockread.
43:6821a9c78c4b 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Put back in 1ms between chars sent to WNC.; FIXED: exception error due to sockread on no response and string search results not checked!
42:be4b9ee3a615 2016-07-24 fkellermavnet Re-did debug output.; Added poll of Cellular connectivity of WNC before every command.; Eliminated calling hardware init unless the initial and subsequent software init fails.; Added one-shot to commands that the WNC seems sensitive too.
41:9b14c40eebf6 2016-07-23 stefanrousseau Changed the JSON extract sequence so it is not called when there is no response
40:aec4d09fde23 2016-07-23 fkellermavnet Turned back on hardware init. Without it really stops responding completely. Hardware init does not always make it work but it seems to sometimes and so is better without it. YMMV. Still have not found the root cause of WNC no response.
39:1996eaec02d6 2016-07-23 fkellermavnet Changed sockwrite to wait a long time now, for 31 seconds (something to try since the connect timeout is set to 30 seconds).; ; Corrected max length string to the 1500 WNC limit (was 99999).
38:564b312a719f 2016-07-23 fkellermavnet Changed timeout for sockconn.
37:44265008bab9 2016-07-23 fkellermavnet Merged in Stefan's changes.
36:d4782eabff43 2016-07-23 fkellermavnet Added printout of WNC cellular signal quality and SIM status. Tried a new approach to commanding the WNC for init.
35:c9c2eb8fb0a8 2016-07-23 stefanrousseau Fixed; // char * myJsonResponse;; char myJsonResponse[512];;
34:1a4498e3580e 2016-07-22 fkellermavnet Potential solution for missing characters at end of socket read payload.
33:fa964b8b3b19 2016-07-22 fkellermavnet 20mS between AT command, still see NO response from WNC occasionally. Increased delay now to 40mS, so far so good.
32:1e052a3e73fe 2016-07-22 fkellermavnet Removed in between character delays when talking to the WNC.
31:da32581b4507 2016-07-22 fkellermavnet Per WNC: Added 20mS wait in the hardware init for AT command.
30:33be8e2992f3 2016-07-22 fkellermavnet sockread returns how many read. Software init only hardware re-inits when no response, otherwise loops until software init done. Per WNC now wait 20mS between AT commands.
29:c69379977ae5 2016-07-22 JMF new repository
28:886833917643 2016-07-15 JMF comment cleanup