able to subscribe for >10hrs and still running

Dependencies:   ADE7758_v1 Crypto DHT11 MQTT MbedJSONValue SDFileSystem SPI_TFT_ILI9341 SWSPI SetRTC TFT_fonts Touch W5500Interface mbed-rtos mbed-src tuanpm

Fork of PB_emma_controller_mbed_src by Emma


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
29:d809e6e4343f 2015-08-07 bonchenko able to subscribe for >10 hours default tip
28:cd25d46cb141 2015-08-07 bonchenko Able to subscribe to MQTT messages via ethernet for long time (as of 7 Aug 2015, longer than 8 hours)
27:259aaa249619 2015-08-05 bonchenko able to subscribe for several times using own parser
26:79c12923e362 2015-07-25 arsenalist first published.
25:36c6a5db50ed 2015-07-24 arsenalist Change xWattHrValue to uint32_t.; Add handle to not send data if panel's or nodes' temp are wrong.; Change timing of send temp data for 15 min.; Change watt hour calibration for 700W vacuum cleaner.
24:5d58515ba510 2015-07-24 arsenalist Add handler for free memory event in esp.; Working after emma boot up.; However not tested yet for free memory event.;
23:fb369e171b7d 2015-07-23 arsenalist Add execution result code.
22:e18d361bf688 2015-07-23 arsenalist Use hmacTime to send sensor data.; Tested on send panel environment data.
21:33bd8b82560f 2015-07-23 arsenalist Add panel environment code.
20:ea14f175bbb4 2015-07-22 arsenalist Move ADE.VRMS and ADE.IRMS to energyThread.; CheckVoltagePower just compare Vrms and Irms to threshold.
19:7e3e9332f719 2015-07-22 arsenalist Working send energy data without check voltage and power.
18:87f30ba9ddc5 2015-07-15 arsenalist Add lcd display in mode register and wificonfig.
17:b3ced0e67916 2015-07-15 arsenalist Add lcd display in mode settings.
16:3c8d0142bf63 2015-07-15 arsenalist Working energy calculation with thread.; The scalability is correct, X WattHR for 40W lamp will result 3.5X for 140W pair.; However, the calculation duration seems not consistent. e.g. 1 min is not actual 1 min.
15:136526c28afb 2015-07-15 arsenalist Handle new format of command (include name).; Change directory name of nodeCode.
14:8287f0f5d987 2015-07-14 arsenalist Working RTC with backup.
13:e8adfe305dbc 2015-07-14 arsenalist Add simple lcd display in mode operation.
12:96f637ed37f9 2015-07-14 arsenalist Working simple emmaModeSelection.
11:2311b2d5157d 2015-07-13 arsenalist Calibrate Vrms.
10:1dc69e0ce7fd 2015-07-13 arsenalist Working wifi config mode.; Not working operational mode with eth.
9:a58c04da4476 2015-07-13 arsenalist Working register mode with eth.
8:51a0ca9079ca 2015-07-11 arsenalist Working settings mode with eth.
7:7e8c6ad3fd64 2015-07-10 arsenalist add get list of nodes from server.
6:45f50f1177db 2015-07-09 arsenalist Add node temp reading, and working.
5:d00233dd36f5 2015-07-08 arsenalist Add new command handler.
4:76ab12e2f8a3 2015-07-08 arsenalist Working code for reading and sending WattHR, VRMS, and Watt data with thread.
3:e7fcbe6deb19 2015-07-03 arsenalist edit previous commit.
2:fdfdeb5fd6fd 2015-07-03 arsenalist Power measurement thread and send data, without MQTT command.
1:d314a43ae6f7 2015-07-03 arsenalist Update previous commit.
0:f4e449fa34d7 2015-07-03 arsenalist WiFi MQTT command + send data without power measurement thread.