mbed application board program with most libraries pulled in to create a feature rich starting point for hackathons

Dependencies:   C12832_lcd EthernetInterface HTTPClient LM75B MMA7660 mbed-rtos mbed

Fork of HTTPClient_HelloWorld by Donatien Garnier

AT&T M2M Mobile App Hackathon

Team's Project Pitch Notes

  • Car location and tracking system (GPS + Wifi + Cellular)
  • Temperature / auto vent control for home and industrial use (cellular + servo)
  • GPS triangulation (sonar + cellular)
  • Emergency Tool (Low cost OnStar / Sync Emergency Assistance)
  • Remote Video Conference: Tele-presense (cellular and buttons. Rest was web services)
  • M2M Billboard (LED + Cellular)
  • Order management (restaurants) - Interrupt driven service. Not polled by wait staff (level sensor and cellular)
  • pool manager (simulated ph and chem readings -> cellular)
  • sprest - learning electronic sprinkler system (simulated moisture and weather readings -> cellular)
  • safe traffic signals: stoprite (lots of statistics, used buttons and toy cars to create a scenario)
  • Ecosense

Keywords Used Frequently During Presentation

  • real-time
  • MQTT
  • Arduino
  • 2lemetry
  • HTML5
  • Big data
  • Server side


  • ARM mbed
  • 2lemetry
  • MSFT
    • One group hacked on windows phone, rest on android / iphone
    • Most were HTML5 (better looking ones)

Pictures from the Event