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Fork of USBHostWANDongle_bleedingedge by Donatien Garnier


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
27:4de37cd81412 2013-04-26 ashleymills Some dead code removed. default tip
26:b241a57c465b 2013-04-18 ashleymills Fixed a typo
25:3184f71557bf 2013-03-08 ashleymills Merged MU509 and K3773 changes.
24:f4b676f61906 2013-01-09 ashleymills Experimental MU509 Support.
23:8f2d9a244224 2012-12-19 ashleymills No changes
22:bec61bcc9c25 2012-12-18 donatien Fetching endpoints on USB interfaces 0 & 1
21:dcc8c866ccbb 2012-12-18 ashleymills Adding MU509 support;
20:3abcf818be31 2012-12-13 ashleymills Added stuff for K3773 support
19:6526d83aab9f 2013-02-25 donatien Removing debug info
18:7d5242aa7b95 2013-02-25 donatien Added support for Huawei K3772 dongle (this is what seems to be in the VF stores these days) - PPP tested OK
17:b8739fd10faf 2013-02-21 nherriot small debug output changes.
16:e1f5ba831485 2013-02-10 nherriot small dbg changes
15:25c10b07bb17 2013-02-06 nherriot This stops the library hanging if your modem is not connected or there is a power problem. It removes a block in VodafoneUSBModem.cpp by limiting the number of retries to connect a modem. It also has a new error definition for a hardware problem.
14:4344ce758b88 2012-11-13 donatien GCC-compliant
13:c154e7f2e42f 2012-09-12 donatien Merge
12:a712bad7a979 2012-09-12 donatien #include "dbg.h" -> #include "core/dbg.h"
11:a0841fba0599 2012-08-30 donatien Added error checks in initialization code
10:08bce4cd973a 2012-08-30 donatien Fixed reinitialization issues
9:c9e9817c398c 2012-07-31 donatien Renamed Endpoint->USBEndpoint because it conflicted with the Socket API! Made some weird symbols mixups happen that made everything explode when the first USB endpoint was allocated.
8:0d1ec493842c 2012-07-30 donatien Vodafone K3772-Z support!
7:c4483d48fe96 2012-07-28 donatien Optimization of memory consumption; fixed leak in TD allocation
6:075e36a3463e 2012-07-27 donatien New enumeration model to only instantiate needed endpoints
5:3189db174f6b 2012-07-25 nherriot Initial copy of door controller using bleeding edge voda lib
4:d229ebfb85c4 2012-07-11 donatien Disabled debug
3:4394986752db 2012-07-06 donatien Increased limits for number of supported USB endpoints/interfaces
2:a8b2d0cd9bbd 2012-06-26 donatien Test with multiple interfaces
1:49df46e3295c 2012-05-25 donatien Memory location change for compat with new lwip lib
0:ae46a0638b2c 2012-05-24 donatien Initial Commit