Control a robot over the internet using UDP and a Wifly module (WiFi).

Dependencies:   Motor TextLCD WiflyInterface mbed-rtos mbed

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Data Structures

Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
EndpointIP Endpoint (address, port)
Mail< T, queue_sz >The Mail class allow to control, send, receive, or wait for mail
MemoryPool< T, pool_sz >Define and manage fixed-size memory pools of objects of a given type
MotorInterface to control a standard DC motor
MutexUsed to synchronise the execution of threads
os_mailQ_defDefinition structure for mail queue
os_messageQ_defDefinition structure for message queue
os_mutex_defMutex Definition structure contains setup information for a mutex
os_pool_defDefinition structure for memory block allocation
os_semaphore_defSemaphore Definition structure contains setup information for a semaphore
os_thread_defThread Definition structure contains startup information of a thread
os_timer_defTimer Definition structure contains timer parameters
osEventEvent structure contains detailed information about an event
Queue< T, queue_sz >The Queue class allow to control, send, receive, or wait for messages
RtosTimerAllow creating and and controlling of timer functions in the system
SemaphoreUsed to manage and protect access to a set of shared resources
SocketSocket file descriptor and select wrapper
TCPSocketConnectionTCP socket connection
TCPSocketServerTCP Server
TextLCDA TextLCD interface for driving 4-bit HD44780-based LCDs
ThreadAllow defining, creating, and controlling thread functions in the system
UDPSocketUDP Socket
WiflyInterfaceInterface using Wifly to connect to an IP-based network