Dreamforce Heroku Sample mbed application for the FRDM-K64F. This application uses SocketIO to connect and communicate with Heroku.

Dependencies:   BufferedSerial C12832 EthernetInterface HTTPClient-SSL LM75B MMA7660 SocketIO-k64f WebSocketClient-ThermostatDemo mbed-rtos mbed picojson

Fork of df-2013-minihack-thermostat-complete by MBED_DEMOS

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for df-2014-heroku-thermostat-k64f



main.cpp [code]
Thermostat-BaseUtils.h [code]
Thermostat-LEDUtils.h [code]
Thermostat-Location.h [code]
Thermostat.cpp [code]
Thermostat.h [code]
ThermostatSocketIO.cpp [code]
ThermostatSocketIO.h [code]