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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
98:9241041ec253 2016-06-16 andriym Removed timer.; default tip
97:2894fbc2d4f8 2016-06-16 andriym Removed BLE and radio.
96:41ddffe3280a 2016-06-16 andriym Removed output lib.
95:3cc3ae2e5e7f 2016-06-16 andriym Removed output lib.
94:831a7fc2d69a 2016-06-16 andriym Testing all the LEDs and sounds at startup.
93:620dd0a7ddc7 2016-06-13 andriym GATT version abbridged
92:a9ebe6d0a0fa 2016-06-13 andriym GATT version BLE
91:0fc897cccc06 2016-06-12 andriym DFUService
90:b4d53a870147 2016-06-12 andriym Simplified and changed the FOTA code (according to Shaun).
89:425369a595c4 2016-06-11 andriym FOTA added (unable to test)
88:d3f0394da5aa 2016-06-07 andriym Took away BUZZ_LOW for v2 hardware.
87:a9870d513fcf 2016-06-07 andriym Version 2 hardware.
86:2a569d9e67f5 2016-06-04 andriym missing "int"
85:4692a1790cfa 2016-06-02 andriym Two fixes (init space LEDs and setFrequency).
84:705de339f554 2016-05-28 andriym High power radio disabled for Nordic
83:79cb2ba44b66 2016-05-28 andriym ISM_EN P-MOSFET control
82:1e552cc1a615 2016-05-26 andriym debounce library converted to folder
81:3cd7de5d01ef 2016-05-25 andriym Volume control.
80:8d4f190bd253 2016-05-25 andriym P-MOSFETS change
79:9db29f41dc9d 2016-05-25 andriym Version 1 for Aamir's testing
78:43a6b54f0372 2016-05-09 andriym Changed radio configs, Player tracking table, Switch team button, Output class (for different displays and Serial), different boards support.
77:0a860f76e9e6 2016-04-27 elmbed stupid
76:6638d83939d5 2016-04-27 elmbed radio test code
75:1b357bee1839 2016-04-03 AntonLS Prevent repeated BAD CRC on ACK msg. Response added for u beep cmd to prevent BT buffer problem. New radio-send flush methods.
74:9257d83bd36c 2016-03-02 AntonLS Merged ignore radio while charging and pstorage align.
73:ac3588017e32 2016-03-02 AntonLS Ignore radio messages when charging.
72:84365ba93d6b 2016-03-01 elmbed pstorage working
71:9c7c5f352bf8 2016-02-22 AntonLS New Battery cmd b. z cmd tweaks. Radio lib Rx hang bugfix.
70:bd4b1e19a0c6 2016-02-22 AntonLS New Battery b cmd. z cmd tweaks. Radio lib Rx hang fix.
69:a3295b74209e 2016-02-12 AntonLS Radio-to-Standby prevention edge and corner cases.
68:0c96bb3d73a7 2016-02-11 AntonLS Reduce radio-to-sleep possibility.
67:5650f461722a 2016-02-11 AntonLS Radio message arch like old cones. Static or Auto node IDs. Missed ack detect. Dark alert fix. Fixes cone death.
66:18c214707b0c 2016-01-19 AntonLS Misc. tweaks.
65:7addf8506bdb 2016-01-19 AntonLS Commented-out get_node_id().
64:8886b5e4ab57 2016-01-19 AntonLS Merged in orphaned Radio.cpp comments.
63:efba30dea1f0 2016-01-19 AntonLS Restored some useful commented-out code that was removed.
62:9b34dc1b265d 2016-01-18 elmbed Pattern mode seems to work & more work on master/slave integration
61:dd7002ceea96 2016-01-17 elmbed Removed some master/slave ifdefs
60:d1fad57e8bfb 2016-01-16 elmbed Buggy pattern mode
59:297133497153 2016-01-16 elmbed Merge
58:fb2198ceb412 2016-01-16 elmbed Initial pattern mode
57:1af6b5696a78 2016-01-12 elmbed Merge
56:dccf9b22d594 2016-01-12 elmbed Added some comments
55:b3cb69d69ce8 2016-01-16 AntonLS Freeform random bug workaround.
54:2878d62714d6 2016-01-16 AntonLS Low battery pulse--temp. Freeform random bugfix.
53:c1c3e65b4542 2016-01-16 AntonLS SL_DEBUG macro added.
52:060fdec99780 2016-01-14 AntonLS D for debug. Misc bugfixes.
51:fabe54861f1b 2016-01-13 AntonLS No longer using BLE.waitForEvent() to allow more-often cone loops.
50:efe0f3017848 2016-01-12 AntonLS Changed touch/light bit back to original from 2 hw generations ago.
49:626e84ce5e52 2016-01-12 AntonLS Revert to slave ad often. Misc.
48:4c9551c826e9 2016-01-12 AntonLS Protocol fixes. RNG updates. Random cone update.
47:c66d2995f957 2016-01-11 AntonLS Removed tmp
46:28c29ef61276 2016-01-11 AntonLS Freeform improvements, etc.
45:1eb335c00cb2 2016-01-09 AntonLS Buf size consistency
44:4ad6133987ed 2016-01-09 elmbed Slave cones get their node_id from the master cone
43:6eeb44bee87e 2016-01-09 AntonLS Fixed typo.
42:ed38b8671e43 2016-01-09 AntonLS Merged freeform updates.
41:dee3fd34e37a 2016-01-09 AntonLS Station-setting protocol optimizations.
40:dec5270e03e9 2016-01-09 elmbed Free form random sort of working (not very random)
39:b1f864b71318 2016-01-09 AntonLS Protocol fixes and r cmd optimizations. Colors tweaked. Typo fixed.