Dependents:   BLE_GENERALE

Fork of X_NUCLEO_IDB0XA1 by ST

Auto generated API documentation and code listings for X_NUCLEO_IDB0XA1


_evt_blue_aci Vendor specific event for BlueNRG
timer Timer


ble_clock.c [code]
ble_clock.h [code]
ble_compiler.h [code]
ble_debug.h [code] This file defines print functions for debug purposes
ble_gp_timer.c [code]
ble_gp_timer.h [code]
ble_hal.h [code]
ble_hal_types.h [code]
ble_hci.c [code] Function for managing HCI interface
ble_hci.h [code]
ble_hci_const.h [code]
ble_link_layer.h [code]
ble_list.c [code]
ble_list.h [code]
ble_osal.c [code] Implementation of OS abstraction layer functions used by the library
ble_osal.h [code]
ble_payload.cpp [code]
ble_payload.h [code]
ble_sm.h [code]
ble_status.h [code]
ble_utils.cpp [code]
ble_utils.h [code]
bluenrg_aci.h [code]
bluenrg_aci_const.h [code]
bluenrg_gap.h [code]
bluenrg_gap_aci.c [code]
bluenrg_gap_aci.h [code]
bluenrg_gatt_aci.c [code]
bluenrg_gatt_aci.h [code]
bluenrg_gatt_server.h [code]
bluenrg_hal_aci.c [code]
bluenrg_hal_aci.h [code]
bluenrg_l2cap_aci.c [code]
bluenrg_l2cap_aci.h [code]
bluenrg_updater_aci.c [code]
bluenrg_updater_aci.h [code]
bluenrg_utils.c [code]
bluenrg_utils.h [code] BlueNRG IFR updater & BlueNRG stack updater utility APIs description
BlueNRGDevice.cpp [code] Implementation of BLEDeviceInstanceBase
BlueNRGDevice.h [code] Header file for BLEDeviceInstanceBase based BlueNRGDevice
BlueNRGDiscoveredCharacteristic.cpp [code]
BlueNRGDiscoveredCharacteristic.h [code]
BlueNRGGap.cpp [code] Implementation of BLE_API Gap Class
BlueNRGGap.h [code] Header file for BlueNRG BLE_API Gap Class
BlueNRGGattClient.cpp [code] Header file for BLE_API GattClient Class
BlueNRGGattClient.h [code]
BlueNRGGattServer.cpp [code] Implementation of BlueNRG BLE_API GattServer Class
BlueNRGGattServer.h [code]
btle.cpp [code] Implementation BlueNRG Init and helper functions
btle.h [code]
stm32_bluenrg_ble.cpp [code]
stm32_bluenrg_ble.h [code]
x_nucleo_idb0xa1_targets.h [code] This header file is intended to manage the differences between the different supported base-boards which might mount the X_NUCLEO_IDB0XA1 BlueNRG BLE Expansion Board