bio robot

Dependencies:   MPU6050-DMP QEI_hw mbed-rpc mbed

Fork of MPU6050_Example by Shundo Kishi


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
20:f13b949b623b 2015-12-11 amandaghassaei publish default tip
19:270735e44c98 2015-12-11 amandaghassaei obstacle debugging
18:0cfe72d8a006 2015-12-11 amandaghassaei in progress
17:8a0e647cf551 2015-12-11 amandaghassaei eod
16:5b19be27f08a 2015-12-10 amandaghassaei targeting code added;
15:d88f10b3b5f8 2015-12-10 amandaghassaei obstacle avoidance ;
14:d620415259b1 2015-12-09 amandaghassaei renaming gains variable
13:64d337c5114e 2015-12-09 amandaghassaei limits on th des;
12:49813131dd15 2015-12-09 amandaghassaei simple targeting;
11:711d3c207e8c 2015-12-08 amandaghassaei negative dth;
10:769cc457c3a4 2015-12-05 amandaghassaei swinging looking good;
9:1d9b24d7ac77 2015-12-05 amandaghassaei basic motor pwm working
8:1a3a69fecedf 2015-12-03 amandaghassaei added in matlab controls;
7:7efcd3bf3302 2015-12-03 amandaghassaei controls class started
6:12b6be801ad8 2015-12-03 amandaghassaei comm stack stop pt for now
5:c3d671959ef3 2015-12-03 amandaghassaei working comm;
4:ebb882658c50 2015-12-03 amandaghassaei added pc back to comm object;
3:be5cf450436d 2015-12-03 amandaghassaei starting to add in rpc;
2:17b18ea93551 2015-12-03 amandaghassaei delegate stuff working;
1:ec0a08108442 2013-11-23 syundo0730 comments were added and modified
0:8d2c753a96e7 2013-11-19 syundo0730 first commit