Added pin descriptions for NUCLEO-F303RE. Tested

Fork of FastPWM by Erik -


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
25:8b1bf34c72aa 2015-09-30 alpsayin added pins for ST32F303RE default tip
24:1f451660d8c0 2015-06-20 Sissors Changed F103 registers to 32-bit from 16-bit
23:ed690a19dc55 2015-04-19 Sissors Added LPC11XX_LPC11cXX support (LPC1114). Should work. Probably.
22:db9c0cf445e2 2015-04-16 Sissors Fixed a bug for STM targets. The mbed library did not enable syncing of the period register, resulting in sometimes a smaller period being set than the current timer value -> it would first need to overflow before it worked properly. Which takes long o...
21:aa2884be5496 2015-01-12 altaran Added F072RB target, including PWMx/1N channels
20:3c609bc4ae9c 2015-01-06 altaran Added F072RB
19:ba7a5bf634b3 2014-11-10 Sissors Added F334 (Untested but requested, hey that rhymes).
18:d91c0629e4e6 2014-10-04 jocis Minor optimisation in updateTicks()
17:8378bc456f0d 2014-10-04 jocis Added NUCLEO F103RB; adapted t 32/16 bit pwm struct for NUCLEO
16:ec208b5ec0bb 2014-10-02 jocis Added NUCLEO F103RB
15:49a7eff133b3 2014-10-01 jocis Added Nucleo F411RE
14:b30038fbba51 2014-09-30 Sissors Added KSDK support, probably smashed buggy on KLxx platform.
13:cdefd9d75b64 2014-07-20 Sissors Added NUCLEO support (F030 + F401, but others should be easily added).
12:4600daab8a83 2014-07-20 Sissors Preparation for Nucleo devices: Added option to have a device specific container with variables (such as pointer to match registers, since nucleo pwmout class lacks those).
11:e0a8f0fcb1c9 2014-07-16 Sissors K20D50M added
10:36362e9067b0 2014-06-27 Sissors Same error as for the KLxx removed when multiple FastPWMs are used. Contrary to KLxx this gives a bit more overhead, but not much I can do about it while keeping the lib tidy
9:c50f688cad07 2014-06-27 Sissors Period of KLxx decreased by 1 before writing to make sure it is exactly correct for my beloved users.
8:a7745c791b0c 2014-06-27 Sissors KLxx bugfix when using multiple FastPwm
7:1b5df740bcd7 2014-05-01 Sissors Fixed and improved in general LPC11u24 code
6:0f57969697b6 2014-03-17 Sissors Changing period now keeps pulsewidth the same instead of duty cycle
5:2812f0a115f7 2014-02-28 Sissors KL25Z renamed to KLXX, should work fine for all KLXX devices.
4:a7b9f778c4b4 2013-08-13 Sissors v2.0
3:3094d3806cfc 2012-07-25 Sissors Fixed clk_sel, latch registers and constant duty when changing period
2:4b8de6ae5885 2012-07-12 Sissors ms and us functions were multiplying by 1k(k) instead of dividing
1:1aed61747ed6 2012-07-12 Sissors ASCII art turtle added
0:f8c1b0ad5371 2012-07-12 Sissors v1.0, seems completely functional