This lib is supposed to be used as a sensor's calibration or control program. This makes Cubic Spline Model from some sample plots(sets of (value, voltage)), and then discretize the model (dividing the range of voltage into some steps) in order to use the calibrated model data without getting the INVERSE function.


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
22:eaaaa42a0ccb 2016-06-30 aktk The filename that SPT::TRP105FS::printCalibrationLOG() makes has become ADLOG%2d.TXT. default tip
21:cd20537290f9 2016-06-30 aktk trivial debug
20:0453919a76b2 2016-06-30 aktk snum the local static variable in _setSample(ns, ns) has come to be declared as _snum the TRP105FS class' member field. It's because it was not expected that local static variable is shared by the instances of the same class.
19:ee2558b13570 2016-06-30 aktk Constructor SPI_TRP105FS(unsinged int, unsigned int) has been implemented.
18:b046bba4ffa7 2016-06-24 aktk In constructors, the type of arg_num was changed to unsigned short.; In constructor(ushort, PinName), the defalt useTpe came to be set to AsMODULE.
17:f6ec7796dafd 2016-06-08 aktk Some comment
16:c2b0f3ca63dd 2016-06-08 aktk getDistance(any), getVoltage() have come to be inline function.
15:1d643b831a03 2016-06-08 aktk getSampleNum has been implemented.
14:a99bf22b919d 2016-06-08 aktk saveSetting_intoSerial(Serial) has briefly been implemented.
13:16fc61b41eff 2016-06-07 aktk type of _Sample_Num was modified: int -> unsigned short.; in saveSetting(any), size of _Sample_num to write into savedata file was modified: int -> unsigned short.
12:db5110d9d494 2016-06-07 aktk void loadSetting_fromSerial(Serial) has been implemented.
11:d60fb729eacf 2016-06-06 aktk make it come to be platform variation selective
10:b50e4bb40571 2016-06-06 aktk New Constructor TRP105FS(unsigned int, PinName) has implemented.
9:ec1ee4a6b6a4 2016-06-06 aktk New Member variable "AnalogIn ai" has added, which is a unique member to get analog data for each instance.
8:9eaa9772e1e7 2016-06-06 aktk Debugged SPI wrapper.
7:f2e139f8bd68 2016-06-06 aktk file divided into TPR105FS_SPIWrapper.h,.c;
6:d2363b50aeaf 2016-06-06 aktk debuged;
5:7d4fc0979976 2016-06-06 aktk printOutData(no arg) -> printOutData(filename)
4:701f958d137a 2016-06-06 aktk debug,; printOut(no arg)-> printOut(filename);
3:b56e933bebc2 2016-06-01 aktk ??to SPI
2:40ae18445079 2016-02-16 aktk my first publish><
1:2053662b1167 2016-02-16 aktk data list range [0,255]. message has been little changed.
0:e85788b14028 2016-02-12 aktk Distance data range : [0:1024] -> [0:256];