Library to use my Photo MOS Relays Circuit having 16 or less channels.

Fork of PMRC4ch by Akifumi Takahashi


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44:20a890fe5f83 7 months ago aktk Modified setTwin(..) to return when called to set to the same channel.;; Modified some summations to logical summations;; Modified for-condition in setBits(..) so that the lib can be used when not 16 channels; default tip
43:03e875137433 18 months ago aktk fixed compile error
42:a827fe9166b5 18 months ago aktk added a function setTrio(int,int,int)
41:903a9dc5769c 19 months ago aktk a
40:d30c68b7ec18 19 months ago aktk renshoo datteba
39:c12b8ce1263b 19 months ago aktk nennnekoshasshare
38:df92ed56a6a9 19 months ago aktk renshoo dayo
37:0106e81d7dfc 19 months ago aktk x japan
36:d365db06cf17 19 months ago aktk indent?
35:2329524f385a 19 months ago aktk tenntekomai
34:013746eddc4a 19 months ago aktk nyaan dake
33:79bfee753fda 19 months ago aktk neko dake
32:94206e1da5dd 19 months ago aktk nyaan neko
31:0f491590ada9 19 months ago aktk pumpukuchagama
30:6a9e4e451b42 19 months ago aktk nekoneko
29:9028bc6b5717 19 months ago aktk nyaan
28:f8e2e2159b9e 19 months ago aktk hunyanhonyan
27:a0a453783a4c 19 months ago aktk honya
26:a47ab67a4d12 19 months ago aktk hunya;
25:953a60ea0e64 19 months ago aktk changed the initial comment (test);
24:4714402606f0 19 months ago aktk change the initial comment for oxygen (test)
23:cea3ec410735 19 months ago aktk changed comment;
22:4aad836d3333 19 months ago aktk changed the initial comment;
21:fa067e2a30f2 19 months ago aktk used in UIST2018 DEMO
20:26972de3cf90 23 months ago aktk modified type of some methods: char -> void, type of getState(): char -> uint32_t
19:1112aeb5cddd 23 months ago aktk modified the value of States CH? expressing them by binary
18:049283936e3f 23 months ago aktk modified the name of constant in State: NaN -> ALLHiz; modified the procedure in init() so as to set the first state ALLHiZ
17:08a68860396b 23 months ago aktk modified: allOff()->allGround(), ALLOFF->ALLGROUND
16:e81a30a098dd 23 months ago aktk modified the data to insert so that reflect the variable of POL: m_SER = hoge ^ m_PMRC_POL (xor POL)
15:56703876e914 23 months ago aktk Exchange the values: Anodic := 0 and Cathodic := 1.
14:d855fefe3451 2017-03-31 aktk type of value of return of getPol() changed to bool
13:3fdaddb31ed7 2017-03-31 aktk char getPol() -> bool getPol()
12:b7bcca8cd604 2017-03-30 aktk In setCh(...), function shift(), which is used every time setCh() is called, come to be used when num_of_shift is not 0.
11:a7b924776959 2017-03-13 aktk Resistor clock update was reduced
10:f583ec5f82f4 2017-03-13 aktk In function : shift(), Assignment of m_PCC_state was modified not to be out of bound.
9:dd762d521590 2017-02-28 aktk Change the type of return value of getState and getPol from State or Polarity both to char. Delete setCh1-4().
8:d3b6c718cb94 2016-08-23 aktk ?
7:14cce62599ed 2016-07-19 aktk Used in EuroHaptics2016;
6:76886d874a56 2016-06-21 aktk arguments of functions are modified
5:0cf107c36d56 2016-06-19 aktk implemented getState(), getCP()
4:018b35bd8505 2016-06-19 aktk remove meaningless describes. ;
3:0325c4efcc61 2016-03-10 aktk small change.;
2:1e8ba828cb38 2016-02-23 aktk make it able to select whether anodic or cathodic .
1:381114163aeb 2016-02-17 aktk change channel name. negative channel has been named.
0:c2003d481638 2016-02-17 aktk put together functions to use 4 channels Photo MOS Relay Circuit.