The lib with which to make LPC1768 a simple HTTP server. This have not yet implemented. fopen() DOESN'T WORK after EthernetInterface::connect() is called as using mbed-os 5.4~. See also or and

Fork of HTTP_SERVER by Akifumi Takahashi


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
18:ad5c461905bd 2018-03-23 aktk rename: Filehandler.h -> FileHandler.h default tip
17:ce5845164001 2018-03-23 aktk THe program hang up when fopen()@FileHandler::open()@HTTPServer::run() is called after EthernetInterface::connect()@HTTPServer::init() is done.
16:c3920b5b8572 2018-03-19 aktk ADD: DEBUG_PRINT_LINE etc. @Filehandler.cpp
15:9b2cfbaf1c12 2018-03-16 aktk Defined functions for procedures of "Request Analysis" and "Response"
14:a16cdcd098d7 2018-03-16 aktk "sys_thread_new number error"; TCP_PORT=80 redefine; tcp_port->port; char req_buf[] was not uesed, so deleted.; bool keep-alive was not uesed, so deleted.; stack size changed (char buffer[1024->256]); The error could be caused by stack overflow.
13:483b2b1a6471 2018-03-04 aktk add (int) backlog; add (uint16_t) tcp_port; rm enum{TCP_PORT}
12:c926d680f339 2018-03-04 aktk Changed some name of var, and class.; ; In order to adapt to mbed os 5.
11:0ee7d100db24 2016-12-08 aktk some printf -> DEBUG_PRINT_LINE;
10:4a48594c2f44 2016-12-08 aktk Add contentable field name Upgrade, Sec-WebSocket-Accept, Access-Control-Allow-Origin for Websocket Server @ ResponseMessenger.cpp
9:84aca9965f9f 2016-12-06 aktk Some comments were added.
8:b013075de2e4 2016-11-28 aktk first publish
7:184c6f1ace94 2016-11-28 aktk fix a bug
6:4eb469f51570 2016-11-26 aktk fixed a bug;
5:dedbaa9c633b 2016-11-26 aktk bug fix: the bug communication was conducted when it shouldn't have been was fixed.
4:b551799053c6 2016-11-26 aktk fix a bug;
3:59884bc0a238 2016-11-26 aktk fix the library to be compilable
2:33714d7c0f45 2016-11-26 aktk attempting to notice the request to upgrade it to websocket.
1:3a1fe94c6e42 2016-11-26 aktk Messages for debugging has been modified @HTTP_SERVER.c.; rmHeadField() has been added @ ResponseMessenger.h/c;
0:cc483bea4fe3 2016-02-16 aktk add comment