Computes Euler angles



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23:fb5f8e018461 2017-11-13 ahmad47 Computes Pitch and roll according to kalman and heading according to custom algorithm default tip
22:21096473f63e 2017-08-08 johnAlexander Update DevI2C to allow it to continue to inherit from mbed I2C master, following I2C's updates to be un-copyable.
21:0dbcdb8dab03 2017-04-11 wobetz Fix typo
20:7ae143567941 2017-04-10 wobetz Remove deprecated constructor in `DevI2C`;
19:12be3dfc15fd 2016-10-10 wobetz Update DevI2C
18:06322fe82f27 2016-06-08 Wolfgang Betz Merge branch 'master' of hg:: into common-split
17:99d103ca04dd 2016-06-08 Wolfgang Betz Pass 'ssel' as reference
16:216930edb6b7 2016-02-19 Wolfgang Betz Merge branch 'master' of hg:: into common-split
15:a59f32439f9d 2016-02-19 Wolfgang Betz Correct 16-bit support
14:7e8db11e12c7 2016-02-19 Wolfgang Betz Merge commit 'f5662f99aad3f65cd5b4d468a076e9306f480efd' into betzw_wb
13:9a2c9b0bbe61 2016-02-19 Wolfgang Betz Merge branch 'master' of hg:: into common-split
12:fb6321e37154 2015-10-19 Wolfgang Betz Merge commit '918da5c9e4b8b146ee33c27656c0ff1c5bdb33a1' into betzw_wb
11:165bd6bc00ea 2016-02-11 Davidroid + Added support for SPI at 16 bit.
10:da29b5403ca1 2015-10-16 Description of "DevSPI" class updated.
9:1f35e8bf427b 2015-10-14 davide aliprandi <> "DevSPI" helper class added to handle SPI communication.
8:527e203b709b 2015-06-15 Wolfgang Betz Further fine-tuning of doxygen comments
7:55d59a1605c3 2015-06-12 Wolfgang Betz Correct DevI2C comments
6:e16d452ac87b 2015-06-05 Wolfgang Betz Corrected minor bug in humidity sensor
5:efc56a90dc5a 2015-05-27 Wolfgang Betz Refine board's component types
4:33ee0cf483de 2015-05-22 Wolfgang Betz Correct typo
3:bc5fc631e9c5 2015-04-29 Wolfgang Betz Added some important safety checks
2:c1cac955d4bd 2015-04-14 Wolfgang Betz X_NUCLEO_IKS01A1: first version of main & hts221 component
1:ca975408dd4e 2015-04-02 Wolfgang Betz Add a special class 'DbgMCU' for enabling debugging under WFI
0:5f1934431e71 2015-03-30 Wolfgang Betz Moved X_NUCLEO_COMMON to libraries/tests/libs