A time interface class. This class replicates the normal time functions, but goes a couple of steps further. mbed library 82 and prior has a defective gmtime function. Also, this class enables access to setting the time, and adjusting the accuracy of the RTC.

Dependencies:   CalendarPage

Dependents:   CI-data-logger-server WattEye X10Svr SSDP_Server


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33:e49b25bdbfa5 13 months ago WiredHome Correct gmtime and localtime apis. default tip
32:00ee2ad29da0 13 months ago WiredHome Minor revision to debug setting.
31:c692c48e79bb 18 months ago WiredHome Disable the DEBUG setting
30:2740e128a809 2019-04-03 WiredHome Modify asctime to include the dst flag in its processing, in addition to the tzo.
29:28180961841f 15 months ago WiredHome Eliminate a while(true) { }, which is a really bad practice.
28:3fa154ab6ffd 21 months ago WiredHome More minor changes for NTP sync.
27:67e4e2ab048a 21 months ago WiredHome Update working to code-align the OS2 and OS5 variant for the time query.
26:9ee3fac64626 2019-01-14 WiredHome Modified mktime to include the tzo_min factor that would have been previously set.
25:39b65d1fd1e6 2018-11-18 WiredHome Minor change to debug build only
24:45a9e7081499 2018-08-13 WiredHome Minor documentation update to the data flow diagram.
23:a89b319b552c 2018-06-10 WiredHome Added minor diagnostic - for debug only
22:72ce9bd14c5e 2018-04-29 WiredHome Rearrange NTP and add Calendar i/f
21:f3818e2e0370 2017-11-21 WiredHome Updates for OS5 and integrate NTPClient for network time sync.
20:5ca2c94d46b8 2017-11-20 WiredHome Updates to work with OS 5
19:ccdf8b6f6aa1 2017-07-29 WiredHome Move a data structure to const to reduce RAM footprint.
18:dcd46f9e98fa 2017-04-12 WiredHome In strptime, only set the weekday if it was not parsed.
17:45dae5a72679 2017-04-12 WiredHome Enhanced strptime to set the day of week correctly by interpreting the time value parameters.
16:6280e99501f8 2017-03-04 WiredHome documentation update.
15:82bd8fc6f317 2017-03-04 WiredHome Documentation update only.
14:b5c01a52bff4 2017-02-04 WiredHome Improved the documentation with code examples for some functions.
13:17e1f5bb9b0e 2016-05-19 WiredHome band-aid the strftime api to append UTC if there is a %Z in the formatter.
12:a77f1e9e42b3 2016-04-11 WiredHome Minor documentation change only.
11:1d880a50da8a 2017-01-22 WiredHome Documentation update and added a few more timezones
10:5734dbc2f5cc 2017-01-22 WiredHome Added strptime, with a custom tzo enhancement
9:56c1041f7f32 2016-01-26 WiredHome Improvements that deal with DST
8:18489e877b0b 2016-03-26 WiredHome Minor update to documentation only, to improve understanding of APIs that are UTC vs. localtime.
7:1de342fa7840 2015-11-26 WiredHome Improvements to support automatic DST adjustment.
6:c79cfe750416 2015-11-26 WiredHome Improving the selection of DST. Can be set on/off, or automatic when a start/stop date and time are made available.
5:a5f50b5fb856 2015-08-06 WiredHome no functional change
4:9cae2da8215e 2015-01-19 WiredHome include <ctime>
3:49f36b489b64 2014-06-28 WiredHome Efforts focused on getting dst interface working.
2:65e0a25c7551 2014-06-22 WiredHome Revised the TimeInterface class to use NTP as is, not to modify it.
1:2ee90f546f54 2014-06-14 WiredHome Add timelocal() method so local time offset does not have to be added in every use of time().
0:61112ca9193b 2014-06-08 WiredHome A time interface class to emulate, but improve upon, the conventional time apis.