Library to control a Graphics TFT connected to 4-wire SPI - revised for the Raio RA8875 Display Controller.

Dependents:   FRDM_RA8875_mPaint RA8875_Demo RA8875_KeyPadDemo RA8875_Demo ... more

Fork of SPI_TFT by Peter Drescher

See Components - RA8875 Based Display

Enhanced touch-screen support - where it previous supported both the Resistive Touch and Capacitive Touch based on the FT5206 Touch Controller, now it also has support for the GSL1680 Touch Controller.

Offline Help Manual (Windows chm)

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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
190:3132b7dfad82 2 months ago WiredHome Fonts Add & mods; Add methods; - get dimensions of image file; - round or square cap for thicklines; - word-wrap for puts; - align one rect to another; - independently set the text font fill; - get the width of a character, or a string default tip
189:53a64d3ce163 2 months ago WiredHome Added a fixed-width version of the 08x08 font.
188:a2ad266ba9db 3 months ago WiredHome Another minor tweak to the tiny font.
187:8e0e5cb24192 3 months ago WiredHome Tiny change to the small font to make it more legible.
186:910fc2335c45 3 months ago WiredHome Correct a defect in SetTextFontControl, and update BrightYellow.
185:cb7591a43f44 3 months ago WiredHome Add BrightYellow color macro
184:464cc376265d 3 months ago WiredHome Enable Touch translation based on screen orientation. It appears fully function with Cap Touch for 0, 180, but has known issues for 90 and 270.
183:808f272e481e 3 months ago WiredHome Minor code-cleanup
182:8832d03a2a29 4 months ago WiredHome code cleanup; doc cleanup
181:0032d1b8f5d4 4 months ago WiredHome A bit of experimenting on rotation.
180:d8abf2e70b88 4 months ago WiredHome Revert a change in the definition of point_t and rect_t back to a basic struct.
179:c7fb7a4fb42f 4 months ago WiredHome Added a couple of constructors
178:ae472eb22740 4 months ago WiredHome Install handler before enabling IRQ; Eliminate duplicate initialisations; Speedup ThickLine using rectangles and triangles; Add triangle method using points; Improve mbed version adaptation of callback; Added some debug info.
177:d8e65c0e268a 4 months ago WiredHome A little bit of work on GIF, and disable some debug printf's.
176:4ab96d33a8ec 8 months ago WiredHome Correct a defect recently introduced, where the resistive touch screen failed to have memory allocated to hold the touch information.
175:7be3a1fb7fc2 8 months ago WiredHome Non-functional change to WriteCommand() based on register names, rather than hex values.
174:7810bc76987a 9 months ago WiredHome Documentation change on idle callback method
173:ae8198c82b88 10 months ago WiredHome Minor change to the comments
172:7abb03bf31be 10 months ago WiredHome Non-functional refactoring
171:f92c0f1f6db4 9 months ago WiredHome Integrate support for alternate touch controller based on GSL1680 chip (found in some RA8875-based displays instead of the FT5206 chip).
170:7e26d51bc48b 9 months ago WiredHome Invert the logic in the GSL1680 ISR handler to check for the pin to be zero, not one.
169:1c1a495983bc 9 months ago WiredHome Additional debug and configuration for the GSL1680 Touch Controller.
168:37a0c4d8791c 9 months ago WiredHome Added debug aids to GSL1680 controller driver.
167:8aa3fb2a5a31 9 months ago WiredHome Documentation update to the script in the Fonts/FontMods.h file to improve the understanding of what it does.
166:53fd4a876dac 9 months ago WiredHome Some refactoring, but mostly to improve support for GSL1680 controller to extract the touch id.
165:695c24cc5197 9 months ago WiredHome Initial refactoring to add support for another Cap Sense touch controller - based on the GSL1680.
164:76edd7d9cb68 9 months ago WiredHome PrintScreen - 24-bit or 8-bit BMP format support. Improved documentation to the palette and the performance factors.
163:17526689a3ed 9 months ago WiredHome Add ability to PrintScreen as an 8-bit bitmap, as an alternate to the default of 24-bit.
162:a2d7f1988711 9 months ago WiredHome PrintScreen - bug fixes in header info and symmetry of RGB16toRGBQuad and RGBQuadToRGB16
161:0215d0eec1a4 10 months ago WiredHome Readjusted font parameters - ; <space> width is 1/4 the character height,; '0' - '9' by default as sized to the width of the widest digit.; command line can still override digit width.
160:43f3d90fc491 10 months ago WiredHome Fix a typo
159:dee976689d08 10 months ago WiredHome Added the Perl script in the font folder that is used to modify the font files.
158:b656dcf02e14 10 months ago WiredHome Modified the sample fonts to fix the width of <space> and '0' - '9'.
157:1565f38ca44b 11 months ago WiredHome Improvement to resistive touch to simplify startup.; Init default for the backlight to be dimmer, since many users power it only from their PC, which isn't capable of full backlight power.
156:4bdb2772128d 12 months ago WiredHome Add a macro for backward compatibility
155:b3f225ae572c 12 months ago WiredHome use eventThread for newer OS5 in place of callbacks.; touch-cal timeout increased to 30s from 15.
154:ad2450fc3dc3 15 months ago WiredHome Documentation updates for using resistive touch.
153:8a85efb3eb71 16 months ago WiredHome Soft Fonts and very preliminary GIF support.
152:a013ac0133e4 2017-11-06 WiredHome Initial support for GIF rendering
151:ae94daaaf8ad 20 months ago WiredHome Add support for scaling soft fonts, using the SetTextFontSize api.
150:35a4db3081c1 2017-09-24 WiredHome callback functions is conditional on mbed version. Somewhere below 128 it does not use the extra callback api.
149:c62c4b2d6a15 2017-08-06 WiredHome Revised the idle callback. It is additionally called from PrintScreen to communicate percent complete (with an additional parameter), since PrintScreen can take a while to finish based on the display size, layers, and SPI configuration.
148:33e99de1aca6 2017-06-13 WiredHome Final fix on the computation of the Intersection of two rectangles, when you want to access to the resulting intersection. Prior versions worked if only if point1 was the top-left and point2 the bottom-right. This version works for any corner pair.
147:3494792458d9 2017-06-12 WiredHome Improved the Intersect(rect_t, rect_t) to look for any intersection, and added an Intersect(rect_t *, rect_t *) which will identify and make available a new rect_t which is the intersection (if any).
146:373d59f08357 2017-06-01 WiredHome Adopt new callback structure for ISRs,; Provide hooks for swMalloc for advanced memory usage tracking.
145:5eb2492acdda 2017-05-06 WiredHome hook the memory allocation to use a special instrumented allocation
144:ba002c4b21b3 2017-05-06 WiredHome Added ThickLine API
143:e872d65a710d 2017-03-19 WiredHome unbreaking change to SelectDrawingLayer to get the return value as an optional parameter.
142:6e9bff59878a 2017-03-19 WiredHome Breaking change on SelectDrawingLayer command, which now returns the previous layer (making it far easier to restore layers).
141:2ec78a50dc98 2016-12-29 WiredHome Minor change from sprintf to snprintf in a couple of locations.
140:33ca352755a2 2016-12-27 WiredHome Merge block move changes from two branches
139:99ec74e3273f 2016-12-27 WiredHome Minor fix to the block move
138:61e93bed397e 2016-08-13 WiredHome Added example code for BlockMove in the API.
137:9e09f6081ef1 2016-12-08 WiredHome Correct a defect in BlockMove
136:224e03d5c31f 2016-11-16 WiredHome JPG Rendering can now write to display in 8-bit color format, not just 16-bit color format.
135:af519fe4ba91 2016-11-13 WiredHome cls resets the cursor
134:f028ed71a0af 2016-11-06 WiredHome Updated register initialization with specific settings for each the 800x480 display and the 480x272 display. This altered the 800x480 settings.
133:e36dcfc2d756 2016-10-17 WiredHome Revised how it sets the foreground and background color to correct a defect when in 8-bit mode.
132:a5d7a8541683 2016-09-04 WiredHome Documentation changes only - correction to resolution, color depth, and layer support, and updated to the gesture support return values.
131:5bd6ba2ee4a1 2016-08-12 WiredHome Added API for BlockMove, and a minor revision to the init to accept a backlight setting directly.