Library to control a Graphics TFT connected to 4-wire SPI - revised for the Raio RA8875 Display Controller.

Dependents:   FRDM_RA8875_mPaint RA8875_Demo RA8875_KeyPadDemo RA8875_Demo ... more

Fork of SPI_TFT by Peter Drescher

See Components - RA8875 Based Display

Enhanced touch-screen support - where it previous supported both the Resistive Touch and Capacitive Touch based on the FT5206 Touch Controller, now it also has support for the GSL1680 Touch Controller.

Offline Help Manual (Windows chm)

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/// A Macro to define a @ref color_t value from independent values of Red, Green, and Blue.
/// This macro accepts 3 parameters, each with a range of 0 to 0xFF.
/// Not all of the bits are used as it creates a 16-bit color from from 24-bits
/// of information.
/// @param r is the Red component, ranging from 0 no-Red to 0xFF maximum-Red
/// @param g is the Green component, ranging from 0 no-Red to 0xFF maximum-Green
/// @param b is the Blue component, ranging from 0 no-Red to 0xFF maximum-Blue
#define RGB(r,g,b) ( ((r<<8)&0xF800) | ((g<<3)&0x07E0) | (b>>3) )

/// Return values from numerous APIs.
/// This is the return value from various functions. Compare the return value
/// to the possibilities in this definition, or use the @ref RA8875::GetErrorMessage()
/// function to translate a @ref RetCode_t value into a text string.
typedef enum
    noerror,                ///< no errors, command completed successfully
    bad_parameter,          ///< one or more parameters are invalid
    file_not_found,         ///< specified file could not be found
    not_bmp_format,         ///< file is not a .bmp file
    not_ico_format,         ///< file is not a .ico file
    not_supported_format,   ///< file format is not yet supported (e.g. bits per pixel, compression)
    image_too_big,          ///< image is too large for the screen
    not_enough_ram,         ///< could not allocate ram for scanline
    touch_cal_timeout,      ///< timeout while trying to calibrate touchscreen, perhaps it is not installed.
    external_abort,         ///< an external process caused an abort
    LastErrCode,            // Private marker.
} RetCode_t;

/// Touch API Return values.
/// This is the return value from various functions:
/// * @ref RA8875::TouchCode()
/// * @ref RA8875::TouchPanelReadable()
/// * @ref RA8875::TouchPanelA2DRaw()
/// * @ref RA8875::TouchPanelA2DFiltered()
/// * @ref RA8875::TouchPanelGet()
typedef enum
    no_touch,               ///< no touch is detected
    touch,                  ///< touch is detected
    held,                   ///< held after touch
    release,                ///< release is detected
    no_cal,                 ///< no calibration matrix is available
} TouchCode_t;

/// Data type that manages locations, which is typically an x or y pixel location,
/// which can range from -N to +N (even as the screen is always defined in the
/// range of 0 to +n). See also @ref textloc_t.
typedef int16_t loc_t;

/// Data type that manages text locations, which are row or column values in
/// units of character, not pixel. See also @ref loc_t.
typedef uint16_t textloc_t;

/// type that manages dimensions of width or height, which range from 0 to N.
/// @note that a dimension cannot be negative.
typedef uint16_t dim_t;

/// type that manages x,y pairs
typedef struct
    loc_t x;             ///< x value in the point
    loc_t y;             ///< y value in the point
} point_t;

/// Data type that manages rectangles, which are pairs of points.
/// @note It is recommended that p1 contains the top-left point and p2 contains
/// the bottom-right point, even though it should not matter.
typedef struct
    point_t p1;         ///< p1 defines one point on the rectangle
    point_t p2;         ///< p2 defines the opposite point on the rectangle
} rect_t;

/// Data type that manages the calibration matrix for the resistive touch panel.
/// This object, when instantiated, may be passed back and forth, stored
/// and loaded, but the internals are generally of little interest.
typedef struct
    int32_t An;         ///< calibration factor, see source for details
    int32_t Bn;         ///< calibration factor, see source for details
    int32_t Cn;         ///< calibration factor, see source for details
    int32_t Dn;         ///< calibration factor, see source for details
    int32_t En;         ///< calibration factor, see source for details
    int32_t Fn;         ///< calibration factor, see source for details
    int32_t Divider;    ///< calibration factor, see source for details
} tpMatrix_t;

/// color type definition to let the compiler type-check parameters that
/// are passed to or returned from APIs that use color.
/// colors can be easily defined with the @ref RGB(r,g,b) macro, or from
/// the @ref PredefinedColors.
typedef uint16_t color_t;

/// background fill info for drawing Text, Rectangles, RoundedRectanges, Circles, Ellipses and Triangles.
typedef enum
    NOFILL,     ///< do not fill the object with the background color
    FILL        ///< fill the object space with the background color
} fill_t;