Dependencies:   ublox-at-cellular-interface ublox-cellular-base ublox-cellular-base-n2xx ublox-at-cellular-interface-n2xx


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
37:5a0bf978239b 20 months ago wajahat.abbas@u-blox.com Updated library versions and mbed-os default tip
36:f24c264ad2cd 23 months ago fahim.alavi@u-blox.com Update cellular library N2XX
35:8e65f2bee044 23 months ago fahim.alavi@u-blox.com R412M support added, library version updated, server link updated
34:f25d2ea9f55c 2018-06-04 Mudassar Hussain Updated libs to latest revision Lib_update
33:48101a4c3f14 2018-02-28 RobMeades Update to latest library versions and replace UbloxPPPCellularInterface with OnboardCellularInterface.
32:bdc45c7052cc 2017-10-30 RobMeades Update library versions and add newline at end of file to avoid ARM compiler warning.
31:4a36566b5385 2017-09-28 rob.meades@u-blox.com Clarify comments.
30:4e55e975dd0b 2017-09-14 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update N2xx library version and comments in main.cpp.
29:85b49a789bf2 2017-09-14 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update N2xx library version.
28:e33af9f1ce3e 2017-09-14 rob.meades@u-blox.com Add N2xx as an option.
27:5fd69f15b1dd 2017-09-13 philware Updated library for using malloc instead of char[50]
26:4afd07ee47de 2017-08-22 philware Updated library for the chopping up of the large AT command which occurs in SendTo()
25:ee34c55fbee0 2017-08-11 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update ublox-cellular-base library version.
24:8a9258de8ece 2017-08-10 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update to latest ublox-cellular-base library.
23:c633d432c705 2017-08-03 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update ublox-at-cellular-interface-xxx library versions.
22:c360996314f3 2017-07-31 rob.meades@u-blox.com Merge library versions.
21:a136b78b2f7b 2017-06-26 philware Merge
20:4ff8c076137e 2017-06-26 philware Add N2xx libraries
19:de2bd865bc7d 2017-06-19 rob.meades@u-blox.com Merge.
18:f7fc76325aa6 2017-06-19 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update cellular base library version.
17:164728c82e40 2017-06-16 philware First draft of n2xx libraries - please ignore WIP
16:705e5c24711c 2017-06-16 philware empty libraries for n2xx
15:a13062058089 2017-06-16 philware removed empty folders!
14:34e1821a6b6e 2017-06-16 philware empty library for n2xx
13:d31b8735cca8 2017-06-15 rob.meades@u-blox.com Cosmetic changes to main() and update library versions.
12:46a46a1468a1 2017-06-14 RobMeades Point at mbed-os version that works for C030.
11:62d094ea3a0d 2017-06-14 RobMeades Add mbed_app.json to bring in PPP for the PPP Cellular Interface.
10:1f35371d572d 2017-06-14 RobMeades Fix bug with use of NETWORK_INTERFACE macro.
9:e5d1cc4fd9fa 2017-06-14 RobMeades Expand example to cover PPP/LWIP as well as AT data modes.
8:3e170c40a284 2017-06-14 RobMeades Example now encompasses PPP cellular interface as well as AT cellular interface.
7:e3eeff78eef0 2017-06-12 RobMeades Update library versions.
6:44f09346e8af 2017-06-12 rob.meades@u-blox.com Update mbed-os library version.
5:bf352de1d3e5 2017-06-12 RobMeades ublox-at-cellular-interface library now outside mbed-os.
4:3e2b789c3adc 2017-06-12 RobMeades Make example work for C027.
3:7ca70581ef20 2017-06-09 RobMeades Switch to using set_credentials(), simpler that way.
2:dbf7dd3da592 2017-06-09 RobMeades Cosmetic changes.
1:581335dbdd60 2017-06-09 rob.meades@u-blox.com Flesh out example properly.
0:b65434b89fd0 2017-06-07 RobMeades Initial revision, shell only.