Update for latest nRF51822 code changes.

Dependencies:   BLE_API nRF51822

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RevisionDateWhoCommit message
25:5ac5f1d1a11e 2015-07-24 Timmmm Update for latest nRF51822 repo. default tip
24:cd6703df9501 2015-03-09 aleksanb Add power usage note to log.h
23:21b5ecbc84ea 2015-03-09 aleksanb Correctly advertise Bluetooth LE connectivity.; ; Now pucks are connectable in master control panel for android again :D
22:7d728fed55ab 2015-03-03 sigveseb Add CharacteristicWriteCallback documentation
21:00a3567124e3 2015-03-03 sigveseb Uncomment accidental commenting
20:29b0143f3af3 2015-03-03 sigveseb Add setting of device name to puck init
19:e41c83f1430e 2015-03-01 stiaje Remove .orig file
18:4c95a470d778 2015-03-01 stiaje Merge documentation
17:23a05bd2fe2b 2014-08-01 aleksanb More documentation.
16:fb8678ee25b0 2014-08-01 aleksanb Document puck library.
15:bfc682889c15 2015-02-27 sigveseb Update data write callbacks to use new BLE_API flow
14:9eda2d99fc1d 2015-02-23 aleksanb Update Puck library to newest versions of BLE_API.h, mbed.h.
13:93d3574e9e36 2014-08-11 aleksanb Upgrade to newest BLE_API and nRF library.
12:8a8cc109f048 2014-08-05 cristea Add license
11:e620c41de9c3 2014-08-01 stiaje Remove .orig file
10:67e4694f2d74 2014-08-01 stiaje Merge 'Update display puck to use new lib'
9:ba0527c6b6d0 2014-07-29 sigveseb Update display puck to use new puck lib
8:49ffd38fb401 2014-07-24 sigveseb Add support for characteristic value updating from the mbed
7:c07c01c2a741 2014-07-24 cristea Hoist logging out of Puck.h; ; There was a problem with multiple definitions of functions in Puck.h if; used in two different files. The logger has been moved out so that we; have independent loggers for each file, which can have different verbosity.
6:211ffef3b88e 2014-07-23 sigveseb merge
5:2f2a2ac6b231 2014-07-23 stiaje return reference to ble instead of copy
4:91506772210d 2014-07-23 stiaje Fix memory issue
3:5432b38585ea 2014-07-23 sigveseb Add ble handling
2:38614fd0fcce 2014-07-17 stiaje Change to 'getVariable' function naming
1:29b2cca0d529 2014-07-17 stiaje Make all pucks connectable
0:718051934fdb 2014-07-15 stiaje Initial commit