Dual CANbus monitor and instrumentation cluster

Dependencies:   SPI_TFTx2 TFT_fonts TOUCH_TFTx2 beep mbed

Fork of CANary by Tick Tock


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
125:f58b7ab2abee 2013-07-21 TickTock Re-centered efficiency screen Metric tip
124:0d622967b764 2013-07-20 TickTock Added tire pressure from canbus Metric
123:a8c0042df617 2013-07-19 TickTock First attempt to add tire pressure Metric
122:138a40892a4c 2013-07-17 TickTock Updated display formatting. Temporarily dumping all 7bb messages to ascii log for exploration. Metric
121:553faf139a20 2013-07-11 TickTock Added shunt identification to cpbars display Metric
120:041edeec08f5 2013-07-08 TickTock Changed Resr algorithm to one requiring less computation. Ignore data for small delta_V. Metric
119:0e2b641e98a2 2013-07-05 TickTock fixed bugs in health screen Metric
118:02010b18efdc 2013-07-05 TickTock Added Resr tracking and health display; Metric
117:49883c779a74 2013-07-04 TickTock Added delay to initial poll to give BMS time to measure; Metric
116:5cd72bae7c12 2013-07-04 TickTock Attempting to move buffer dump to ISR; Metric
115:549410af477d 2013-07-04 TickTock Added delay to powerup ping (apparently BMS needs some time). Made all logging enabled by default Metric
114:3f8c59a8a2b9 2013-07-02 TickTock fixed bug in battery log files (pointing to wrong cellpair locations) Metric
113:f388b4505463 2013-07-01 TickTock Fixed regen display when in Neutral Metric
112:b41b35401eb6 2013-07-01 TickTock Fixed lockup bug when USB already present Metric
111:d1559bb25c43 2013-06-30 TickTock Added USB insertion detect. Logging will start once usb drive is inserted. Metric
110:ffddff3ad2f2 2013-06-30 TickTock Got battery and trip logs working. Fixed canlog to append (was overwriting previous data). Metric
109:3e6f0e8fca0d 2013-06-30 TickTock Change filesystem library. Got logging and playback working. Metric
108:29b5a760adc2 2013-06-30 TickTock Fixed temperature bug but USB logging is disabled Metric
107:e9be732c1ad4 2013-06-29 TickTock Added trip meter Metric
106:f016912a03db 2013-06-28 TickTock added logging indicator on main screen Metric
105:2da2d9378c57 2013-06-28 TickTock . Metric
104:5a19101aaac5 2013-06-28 TickTock Fixed 000 msgId logging bug Metric
103:1389e9efe8c3 2013-06-20 TickTock Fixed formatting Metric
102:fd19f777a0b4 2013-06-20 TickTock Added Ah, SOH, and more precise temperature measurement. Metric
101:94b8aca2d47a 2013-06-15 TickTock . Metric
100:63a7456fc972 2013-06-15 TickTock reset display when fw update fails Metric
99:c05abf8e1cdc 2013-06-15 TickTock Merged and moved check for firmware.bin *before* deleting old *.bin. Metric
98:9f8bab96edff 2013-06-10 leafman Metric Initial Commit Metric
97:a25940fd7b5b 2013-06-15 TickTock . default
96:a6c6a6fd1d28 2013-05-03 TickTock Fixed mistake (battTemp is char not short)
95:248b3c25a7df 2013-05-03 TickTock Stop auto-polling when asleep; added battery temp to main display
94:c3a14b3975d6 2013-05-03 TickTock Cleaned up dte miles remaining display (right justified and clear old values better)
93:c2402e8cd0e2 2013-05-01 TickTock Merged in tested logCan reentry fix
92:935adef49ea4 2013-04-22 TickTock Reverting to keep latest as last know *tested* revision. logCan interrupt fix work moved to CANaryTest fork.
91:33ab084a184f 2013-04-22 TickTock changed interrupt priorities (RTC,CAN,Ticker)
90:312eecd3b37a 2013-04-20 TickTock Fixed rev number (when am I going to remember that)
89:2263d349b484 2013-04-20 TickTock Moved headlight detection out of logCan.
88:45185a5f1c9b 2013-04-20 TickTock Made logCan reentry safe so logTS & logEven can be safely interrupted by logCan.
87:46ac3f2519d6 2013-04-19 garygid Toggle Debug on Config Screen, Store all 5 Groups of Requested data.
86:d1c9e8ac1c4b 2013-04-17 TickTock Fixed introduced ts bug
85:5c27e88b3fbe 2013-04-17 TickTock Merged with Gary's lost message counter
84:fd21e5d32dab 2013-04-17 TickTock Fixed DTE draw bug#2
83:52b1f330a62d 2013-04-17 TickTock Fixed DTE drawing bug where grid drew over graph
82:64b6d8d07f20 2013-04-16 garygid fix rev number to 81
81:cf009a64eedd 2013-04-16 garygid Merge with v78
80:24f1793171e7 2013-04-16 garygid logCan counts overflow Lost Messages, and others
79:68f0dd8d1f19 2013-04-16 TickTock Just turn on the message-send ticker when actually sending (instead of continuously triggering).
78:a383971fe02f 2013-04-16 TickTock Moved message request to ticker instead of wait_ms delay to stop buffer overrun caused by wait_ms blocking usb write. Also requests other four frames so raw data can be logged for analysis.
77:7c136766466c 2013-04-16 TickTock Fixed various bugs. Added proper overrun test.
76:fb6779d0963e 2013-04-15 TickTock Fixed problem with mbed library
75:77bd26829dca 2013-04-15 TickTock Fixed overrun reporting bug but has problem with mbed41 library
74:e491e92b0bef 2013-04-15 TickTock fixed rev number
73:62ee8eae3a84 2013-04-15 TickTock added log screen to index; added pointer separation monitor to main display when in debug mode
72:f9a6faa28873 2013-04-14 TickTock Added log screen to index screen
71:7e87256d6c9a 2013-04-14 garygid Set revision to 71
70:0700b769ac15 2013-04-14 garygid merge in Log Date-Tie each minute, and Log revision string.
69:6bfdfc002036 2013-04-14 garygid Log Date-Time once per minute, and Log the firmware Version.
68:10f7d7dbae19 2013-04-13 TickTock merged
67:2022fce701d0 2013-04-11 garygid Added Index Screen with 10 GoTo Buttons
66:b7476ce7a59e 2013-04-11 TickTock Added braking/regen bar to dte screen