Dual CANbus monitor and instrumentation cluster. Presently tuned for the Nissan Leaf EV.

Dependencies:   SPI_TFTx2_ILI9341 TFT_fonts TOUCH_TFTx2_ILI9341 mbed

Fork of CANary_corrupt by Tick Tock

After adding the LPC1768 platform, import as a program and do not select the "update to latest revision" box

User Guide

Eagle Schematic and Board design




For LCD Rev 1.01:


For VCD Rev 2.00:


Parts List

qtyinstancepart #packagesupplierDescription
1BAT3Vhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/10x-CR2032-SMD-Battery-Holder-for-CR2032-Battery-/180938057979?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a20bfa8fbLithium 2032 coin battery holder
4C1-C4ECST1DC106R6032Tantalium capacitor 10uF
3FC1-FC3ZF1-20-01-T-WThttp://www.samtec.com/cable-systems/idc-ffc/ffc/zero-insertion.aspx20 conductor 1mm pitch flex cable connector (optional)
1FJ-20-R-08.00-4http://www.samtec.com/cable-systems/idc-ffc/ffc/zero-insertion.aspx8\" 20 conductor 1mm pitch flex connector, end reversed (optional)
2H1-H4(DON'T populate H1-H4 headers - solder mbed directly)
1H5http://www.ebay.com/itm/221186042943?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l26491x12 .1\" pitch header (optional)
1H62x6 .1\" pitch header (optional)
2IC1,IC2VP230LMDSOP8http://www.ebay.com/itm/130488665247?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649canbus transciever
1IC3LM1117-5VSOT2235V regulator
5JP*2 pin .1\" jumper header
1mbedLPC1768http://www.ebay.com/itm/200830573509?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649mbed uC
2Q1,Q22N2222SOT23General purpose NPN transistor
1R1R393M120639K resistor
1R2R103M120610K resistor
4R4-R6R102M12061K resistor
1R3R500M120650 Ohm resistor
2TR1-TR5ZJYS81R5-2PL51TG01http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/ZJYS81R5-2PL51T-G01/445-2223-1-ND/765232CM Choke
1Z11N5340BGC1702-15http://www.ebay.com/itm/150878122425?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l26496V, 5W Zener Diode
1Z1DC-DC conveterhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/251142727849?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l264912V-7V, 3W DC-DC converter
1X1USBhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Vertical-USB-2-0-A-pcb-connector-socket-USB-A-Type-/300553895292?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item45fa687d7cvertical USB connector
2LCD0,LCD1TFThttp://www.mikroe.com/add-on-boards/display/tft-proto/320x240 LCD with touch screen
1E0Enclosurehttp://www.shapeways.com/model/1077799/canary.html?li=user-profile&materialId=63d printed enclosure


1) LCD Displays

I found ribbon cable is a nice way to organize the wires to the displays. There are two versions of the display and each must be wired differently. The original project used HW REV. 1.01. For that version, you'll need 12 conductors and I connected them in the following order:


If, instead, you have HW REV 2.0, you will need 13 conductors with the following order:

6WR (DC)

First I connected all the GND connections (2 GND & IM0, IM1, IM3 for REV1.01 or 2 GND, RD, & IM0 for REV2.00). Do not connect the bottom GND until you have the ribbon cable connected. After making all the ribbon cable connections (connecting the GND of the ribbon cable to the bottom GND pad), solder the GND bar from the previous step to the back of the bottom GND connection. Finally, make a connection from the back side 3.3V pin to IM2 for REV1.01 or to IM1,IM2,&IM3 for REV2.00. Take a break and repeat for the second display.

Examples of REV1.01 boards:

/media/uploads/TickTock/lcdtop.jpg /media/uploads/TickTock/lcdbot.jpg

Examples of REV2.00:

/media/uploads/TickTock/rev2front.jpg /media/uploads/TickTock/rev2back.jpg

Once the two displays are complete combine all wires except CS0, CS1, X+, X-, Y+, and Y-. Connect X- of the left display to X+ of the right. Similarly connect Y- of the left display to Y+ of the right. Insulate any exposed wires.

2) PCB

Refer to the schematics to place all the components on the board. If you plan to install into the CANary 3D enclosure, DO NOT install the battery holder or the socket for the mbed and, instead, connect two wires to the VB and GND pads nearby. You will have to install the battery holder against the back wall to avoid interfering with the right-hand display and the mbed will have to be directly soldered. I have not found a socket with a low enough profile to fit in the space provided (depth of enclosure is limited by the space behind the center console). Also, I recommend keeping as much lead as possible on the Zener diode (bending it as shown to clear the back wall). Although it is operating well within parameters, the Zener gets quite hot during extended operation and the leads help dissipate the heat and keep it away from the PCB and other components.Update: Several Zeners have failed resulting in damage to some users boards so I recommend using a DC-DC converter instead to bring the 12V down to 7V.

/media/uploads/TickTock/pcbtop.jpg /media/uploads/TickTock/pcbbot.jpg

Once the PCB is populated, solder the LCDs to the PCB. CS0 connects to the right display and CS1 connects to the left. /media/uploads/TickTock/brddis.jpg

Update: The Zener diodes tended to fail after a few months so I am recommending removing them and replacing with a DC-DC converter. This will run cooler and waste less energy, too. To install, remove the left display panel to gain access to the Zener. From there, the Zener can be removed and it's pads used to connect to the DC-DC converter. I recommend setting the output voltage on the bench before installing since the trim pot is tricky to reach once installed. Set it to 7V. The input can be connected to the left pad previously occupied by the zener and the output can connect to the right. GND(-) can be connected to the bottom right pad on the 2x6 header below the flex cable connector. Make sure the GND wire lies flat so it doesn't interfere with the connection of the flex cable. /media/uploads/TickTock/dcdcinst2.jpg

Once soldered in place, the DC-DC converter can easily be mounted to the back wall with double sided tape above the battery holder. /media/uploads/TickTock/dcdcinst3.jpg

3) Testing

1)First step is to buzz out all connections from the LCDs to the pins in the main board
2)Next check the touch screen connections. On the main board, place an Ohm meter across X+ and X-. You should read 700 Ohms. Repeat for Y+ and Y-. Then test the resistance from X+ to Y+. With nothing touching the screens, it should read >100K Ohms and <1K when touching either screen.
3)When all connections are checked, solder in the mbed. Download and install the touch2 program http://mbed.org/users/TickTock/code/touch2/ to test the basic operation of the mbed and touch screens.
Touch screen is sensitive - excess flux on X+,X-,Y+,Y- connection on mbed can result in flakey operation
If touch is not working, double-check the LCD0_CS and LCD1_CS are not swapped. LCD0_CS must connect to the CS of the LCD that has X- & Y- connected to the mbed. LCD1_CS must connect to the CS of the LCD that has X+ & Y+ connected to the mbed.
4)Once touch2 works, it is time to connect to the OBD connector. I highly recommend double checking all connections from the OBD to the PCB with the cable in place before connecting to the Leaf. Buzz out all the pins in the OBS to make sure none are shorting to each other, Check that the 12V goes to the Zener (and nothing else) and the switched 12V to the resistor divider (and nothing else). Test the ground connection properly connects to ground and nothing else.
5)Once you are confident there are no shorts or wrong connections from the OBD connector, take a deep breath and plug it into your leaf. Touch2 program should come up and function. Unplug and install the latest CANary firmware. If you have the REV2.00 LCD boards, you will need to edit the precompile.h file in the TOUCH_TFTx2_w9341 library and set USE_ILI9341 to 1. Test all features before installing into the enclosure (gids, cellpair, menu system, logging) since installing and removing from the enclosure is a PITA.

/media/uploads/TickTock/pcbdone.jpg /media/uploads/TickTock/functioning.jpg

4) Enclosure

The 3D printer leaves a lot of powder behind - I used a strong spray of water to get it out of all the cracks. The enclosure comes with a rather rough finish. I recommend convincing yourself you like it, then simply lightly sand then paint before assembly. Sanding is very difficult - the nylon is very nicely fused and doesn't want to sand. I tried sandblasting and that didn't work either. I had some limited success with filler and then sanding, but only on the outside - it is too difficult to sand the face. /media/uploads/TickTock/enclosure.jpg

5) Final Assembly

Make sure you are well rested with lots of patience before attempting assembly. It is a puzzle figuring out how to get both displays and the PCB in place. Enclosure was too expensive for me to keep iterating to optimize for assembly. I ended up snipping the thin display posts shorter and using various tools to push the displays into place. Also, some USB connectors are taller than others. If you have one of the taller ones, you will have to deflect the back wall a bit while inserting the PCB (being careful not to bend the housing) to get it to it's opening in the back wall. Do use a screw in the provided post to secure the PCB as USB insertion will otherwise dislodge it.

I added an additional safety line which wraps around the center post to prevent the enclosure from becoming a projectile in the event of an accident. /media/uploads/TickTock/safety.jpg Installed: /media/uploads/TickTock/installed.jpg


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
208:bfb6b68d1677 2015-07-01 TickTock Added option to auto delete logs older that a configurable number of days. default tip
207:411cdca211aa 2015-06-29 TickTock // * fixed bugs in log file age determination
206:cb5ef167dc7b 2015-06-06 TickTock Got auto-delete of old log files working
205:51f0db4cab03 2015-06-06 TickTock first USB space management attempt
204:637771cfc74e 2015-05-30 TickTock // * Added a time limit on log files (deletes files older than set days)
203:da9b422a6435 2015-03-09 TickTock // * Reformat dte screen to fit more regen
202:4df5351a1e13 2015-03-02 TickTock // * Move DTE to make room for more regen bubbles on dteDisplay. Allow wrap.; // * Added full reset with extra (10s) long press
201:4adbb1b56005 2015-01-23 TickTock // * Freeze mpkWh computation when car is at a standstill (avoid alarming wrong estimate when at a stop).;
200:b2d21dcd6287 2014-09-25 TickTock // Fixed brakeMon/regenMon mixup in config file
199:400b8950effa 2014-08-28 TickTock .
198:4e0decce14fd 2014-08-20 TickTock // Fixed false long touch bug
197:f566f65ff034 2014-08-16 TickTock Added screen to send user defined commands to the canbus
196:c1bfa3ed21a6 2014-08-16 TickTock Fixed bug causing lag during long press
195:ef0af84a4340 2014-08-14 TickTock Added keypad and ability to edit user watchpoints
194:ac10f8f4c4e3 2014-05-21 TickTock Updated rev
193:5251831da396 2014-05-21 TickTock Fixed bug causing occasional hang on config save.
192:1d5f0ee9dc59 2014-05-19 TickTock .
191:292debe95cba 2014-05-18 TickTock // Added in-car dim control;
190:6fe36ef485ca 2014-05-18 TickTock Updated connection comments for new display in utility.h
189:f566191877e4 2014-05-18 TickTock cleanup library names
188:8cf15e4610aa 2014-05-18 TickTock Added support for new display controller; Added LED dim adjustment
187:af5ba64c0afe 2014-05-18 TickTock Added LED dim/bright control
186:69cc7adc29a3 2014-05-12 TickTock Editing to support display controller in new TFT displays
185:f45e18d7b801 2014-05-17 TickTock Merge branch
184:5ca7b78297fe 2014-05-06 TickTock Increased Heater alarm on/off threshold (turns on slightly during AC use).
183:a1fba6f76e69 2014-03-30 TickTock // * Fix wrong whpg bug when charging away from home (now update and clear on each charge)
182:10017d74de67 2014-03-30 TickTock // * whpg display formatting
181:396fdcceefd2 2014-03-25 TickTock // Added grid to whpg displays
180:5fdeeb86f3a3 2014-03-24 TickTock // added wh lookup table with correction from whpg real use
179:e4094e55f079 2014-03-23 TickTock Fixed bugs in whpg display
178:bf6404312c45 2014-03-19 TickTock // Added Wh/gid display
177:6fda79c2fda1 2014-03-06 TickTock // Changed effciency counter to check after charging after 3am; // Added cancel day data button to trip display; // Base best and worse case on full round trip (per charge efficiency); // Track daily wh/gid
176:9c19f9856c76 2014-02-17 TickTock // Added to the temperature lookup table; // Fixed div0 boundary condition bug in CP histogram; // Splash trip meter on second screen when turned off if showHealth is enabled; // Max and min efficiency computed over 24 hour interval (to get roundtrip ef
175:0357b4159b40 2014-02-07 TickTock // Added to the temperature lookup table; // Fixed div0 boundary condition bug in CP histogram; // Splash trip meter on second screen when turned off if showHealth is enabled;
174:cd27e80f197d 2014-01-05 TickTock // Calibrate audible brake monitor. brkMonRate is units Wh; brkMonThr is units Wh/s
173:9815b1467039 2013-12-29 TickTock // fixed bugs
172:53548bf8bf85 2013-12-29 TickTock // added wh/gid display to Health screen;
171:355e284f5201 2013-12-28 TickTock // Converted dte display braking bargraph to kW;
170:7ee98e3611bc 2013-12-24 TickTock // Added kWperGid scalar to config file. .075 appears to be too small; // Added CCkWh_trip to TripLog (after kWh_trip); // Added uncalibrated available regen bars to dte screen
169:84d790ac18a2 2013-12-17 TickTock // Added trip meter including climate control impact; // Pulled updateConfig to dedicated procedure
168:9227024c4e3a 2013-12-04 TickTock // Added trip meter including climate control impact;
167:58d4edf403d4 2013-12-03 TickTock // Added climate control impact to best case and worst case DTE (bug fix);
166:ec3951ba9701 2013-12-03 TickTock // Re-formatted main and dte displays; // Fixed flicker on CC DTE;
165:4daa921730dd 2013-12-03 TickTock // Re-formatted main and dte displays
164:46ed06263b0e 2013-11-28 TickTock // Turn off noCC DTE when CC is off
163:3b6fab958773 2013-11-22 TickTock // Fixed efficiency screen discontinuity when CC power changes; // Added DTE & efficiency w/o CC to efficiency display
162:c6545fc0164a 2013-11-21 TickTock // Fixed efficiency screen discontinuity when CC power changes; // Added DTE & efficiency w/o CC to efficiency display
161:71ac85d11f03 2013-11-21 TickTock // * Subtract climate control power from stored efficiency data and add current CC power back in for display; // * Added X axis labels on CP histogram and scaled bar width;
160:905fe45ed54b 2013-11-20 TickTock // * Tweaked heater monitor to only issue once per power on/off; // * Added filtering to timeSync routing (some times set time to bogus value); // * Removed debug wait commands from config save and firmware update; // * Added 3-tone sound messages
159:577e9d015693 2013-11-08 TickTock // * Added heater activation warning message
158:059abeb44ba1 2013-10-31 TickTock // Fixed bug in date/time sync to sync on all days of the month; // Added auto time sync enable/disable button to cofig2 screen; // Highlight data if changed in testScreen;
157:1a100a5ed06f 2013-10-30 TickTock // Added trip max/min efficiency reset; // Added second config screen and RegenMon enable/disable
156:4e5d30535cf9 2013-10-24 TickTock // Changed efficency screen braking monitor to use actual motor amps instead of target regen signal; // Changed braking screen to use actual regen signal instead of target regen signal;
155:f31006516956 2013-10-19 TickTock // Added workaround to spkr and dled pwn not being independently controlled in hw; // Added ambient temperature to trip log; // Save Resr in history file so it doesn't reset to 75mOhms on CANary reset; // Fixed Reser formatting to %4.3f;
154:90ea16ca7475 2013-10-16 TickTock // Added mute button to upper right corner for quick access
153:e94cfe3c339c 2013-10-12 TickTock // Added current reversal tone; // Added MY2013 autoSync support (just time - no date)
152:a4d66901785d 2013-10-06 TickTock // Added clock sync with car clock option (MY2011,2012 only); // Fixed wrap bug in manual date update (january=00, not 01);
151:3047ebb3c9a8 2013-09-30 TickTock // added per_charge trip meter
150:ef46ce63345c 2013-09-27 TickTock // Removed air drag comp; // Added user message Id's to the config file; // Added copy of ehist.cny to USB on config save and load if present on firmware update
149:e9739523109f 2013-09-25 TickTock Compensated DTE with air drag of current ambient temperature.