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15 months ago

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Move finished tasks to Done section:

- add support for Linux - add sx1276-Linux-hal.h/cpp
- Add support to provide the send/receive packet buffer,
  no need to allocate packet data in the sx1276 driver. Can be provided
  Rx/Tx parameters, this avoids double memory usage
- Add support for larger Lora packets (can be up to 2048 bytes)
  this feature is not so important, however the current implementation
  is very basic.
- It is a little bit strange that RX/TX/Cad Timeout Timer calling the
  some handler OnTimeoutIrq. Maybe we just need a single timer, or 
  it is a good idea to split the OnTimeoutIrq function into separate
  callbacks for RX/TX/Cad timeouts
- Test if the SX1276 timeouts. Does rx/tx/sync really uses three different
  timers or just one at a time.
- Add API to set the LNA gain

- Started a Generic SX1276 driver to support all SX1276 modules (May-2017 Helmut)
- Migrated typedefs code into sx1276.h (7-May-2017 Helmut)
- Migrated enum code into sx1276.h/radio.h (7-May-2017 Helmut)
- Verify the Murata ANT Switch code
- MURATA PA_BOOST case,is _antSwitchTXBoost right? (Same as STM sample code)
- Check of the MURATA TCXO config is correct (implemented, check JP9 on STM L0 board)
- Make the timers more generic and move the OS code into the HAL layer. (May 2017 Helmut)
- Removed pull down on dio=-dio5 for L151 &LPC11U6X which make no sense to me. May 2017 Helmut
- Added radio API support to receive the MaxMTUSize (May 2017 Helmut)
- Added Send optional Send() parameter to include a header,
  this saves additional buffers. (May 2017 Helmut)
- Added proper void * type from sending data, uint8_t * is not appropriate (May 2017 Helmut)
- Use also void pointer for FiFo Write/Read and regular SPI Read/Write
- Added return value to Init, we check for a radio availability (May 2017 Helmut)
- Added a RxSignalPending which verifies if we have a signal pending in receive state. (May 2017 Helmut)
- Added LoRa bandwidth mapping table, now the SetRx/Tx frequency is in Hz. (May 2017 Helmut)
- Enabled MURATA_SX1276 for the MURATA_SX1276 chip (May 2017 Helmut)
- Made SetRfTxPower public to allow easily power TX changes (May 2017 Helmut)
- Added userData and userThisPtr into the radio events, this allows to call C++ 
  functions and in can include a context via the userData
- Add support for Cad detection before sending a packet, already done in higher 
  level protocols
- Added initial Arduino support, needs more testing/completion.
- Support for Arduino completed, initial version works.
- Added GetFrequency support
  The Murata’s Frequency shift using an TCXO us about 58 Hz
  The RFM95 against Murata is about 3300 Hz
  RFM95 against RFM95 testing will follow.