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  • LPC1114_WakeInterruptIn

    Class similar to InterruptIn which allows the LPC1114 to wake from deepsleep. (For other targets you can use InterruptIn).

    DeepSleep, InterruptIn, LPC1114
    Last updated: 28 Jul 2014 2 45
  • LPC812_Sleep_HelloWorld

    Example of using sleep/deepsleep with the LPC812

    DeepSleep, LPC812, powerdown, Sleep
    Last updated: 23 Nov 2013 2 94
  • RTC

    Allows easy usage of the LPC1768 RTC interrupts

    alarm, interrupt, RTC, time
    Last updated: 07 Dec 2012 2 1176
  • AK8975

    Basic library for interfacing the AK8975 using I2C. It does not include more advanced functions. The datasheet does not include what the self-test should return for example, so this library …

    AK8975, compass, I2C, Magneto, magnetometer
    Last updated: 07 May 2012 2 81
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    Example code to create a heartbeat sensor using the Si1146 on Silicon Lab's Biometrics expansion board for the Wonder Gecko

    Biometrics, Gecko, Wonder
    Last updated: 25 Aug 2015 2 29
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    HelloWorld program showing SimpleDMA with mainly UART stuff

    DMA, KL25, SimpleDMA
    Last updated: 04 Jan 2014 2 262
  • SoftI2C

    A software I2C interface which is a drop-in replacement for the regular mbed I2C interface in case you run out of I2C ports

    emulation, I2C, SoftI2C, software
    Last updated: 28 Nov 2016 2 128
  • Si114x

    Library for Si114x optical sensors. Currently intended for the Si1146, although it will work also for the Si1145, and without full functionality for the Si1147

    optical, Si1145, Si1146, Si1147, Si114x, uV
    Last updated: 23 Aug 2015 1 36
  • Mbed 2 deprecated

    SDFileSystem example for the Wi-Go2 module

    SD, Wi-Go
    Last updated: 24 Oct 2013 1 16
  • MODI2C

    Interrupt based I2C functionality for the LPC1768. (If you want the other one, send a PM and I might make it). Also adds buffer functionality to the I2C bus.

    buffer, I2C, interrupt
    Last updated: 30 Jun 2012 1 228