emg dingetje met moving avarage

Dependencies:   HIDScope biquadFilter circular_buffer mbed

Fork of EMG by Tom Tom


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
27:674193a62e06 2017-10-24 Roytsg Project groep 14, use at own risk default tip
26:97a8adc9b895 2017-10-24 Roytsg array wise moving average 10 samples
25:9c2fc98da6b3 2017-10-24 Roytsg movmean with 12 samples;
24:fe3825337233 2017-10-24 Roytsg moving average with 5 samples;
23:b5a09f96c2d7 2017-10-24 Roytsg added absolute value and a second scope;
22:a85b568a83e5 2017-10-20 Roytsg lp: 200 Hz; hp: 20 Hz; notch: 50 Hz
21:77998ce2c0dd 2017-10-20 Roytsg lp: 200 Hz; hp: 50 Hz; notch: 50 Hz
20:97059009a491 2016-09-22 tomlankhorst comment
19:2bf824669684 2016-09-22 tomlankhorst Two channel EMG @ 500 Hz
18:21d8e7a81cf5 2016-09-22 tomlankhorst Updated HIDScope lib. ; Added blinking LED in sample fn.
17:290d0b765a96 2015-09-22 tomlankhorst Removed MODSERIAL lib
16:9f7797ffd0fb 2015-09-21 tomlankhorst Simplification
15:0da764eea774 2015-09-21 tomlankhorst BSA EMG Practical Code
14:f83354387756 2015-09-21 tomlankhorst EMG Sampler
13:18d4cef1fdb4 2014-09-23 vsluiter Changed comment to correct values...
12:768048d7f742 2014-09-11 vsluiter Added comment that 12-bit value is converted to be 16-bit full scale (raw value multiplied by 16 / shifted 4 bits)
11:ce72ec658a95 2014-09-11 vsluiter Added HID Scope stuff
10:09b8424a7b39 2014-09-10 vsluiter used red.write() instead of red=
9:d33e7b175ad7 2014-09-10 vsluiter Updated comment
8:8a17f65622b4 2014-09-10 vsluiter Updated to read u16, reduced sample rate
7:3396c3e33928 2014-09-10 vsluiter Updated MODSERIAL
6:80c13d99aa55 2013-10-03 vsluiter Added some measures to prevent overflow; Data rate is still too high, though
5:4dacb7b72109 2013-10-02 vsluiter Added comments
4:8b298dfada81 2013-10-02 vsluiter Added comments
3:1296e996026a 2013-05-31 vsluiter Now really at 1kHz
2:e314bb3b2d99 2013-05-31 vsluiter Now really at 1ms
1:db54d9412d18 2013-05-23 ArvidKeemink Added comments. Commitment test.
0:32bb76391d89 2013-05-23 vsluiter EMG demo program for KL25Z with EMG shield Olimex