Operation Mode State Machine plus homing for StateMachinePTR

Dependencies:   MODSERIAL QEI biquadFilter mbed

Fork of Controller by Sven van Wincoop


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
16:1c8a8643260f 2018-11-01 Roooos aangepast op StateMachinePTR, werkende en met Homing default tip
15:97311058e012 2018-11-01 Roooos variabelen aangepast voor StateMachinePTR
14:771cd444764b 2018-11-01 Roooos juiste tijden
13:9125d359619c 2018-11-01 Roooos vanuit home naar OperationHoming (Endeffecytor naar box toe) en boek omslaan
12:cae29e41ac2e 2018-10-31 Roooos met OPSET;
11:dcc416dbe3ea 2018-10-31 Roooos nu nog omschrijven naar vanuit home 90 graden rechts
10:93957c339972 2018-10-31 Roooos verkeerder kanten?;
9:34e3dd8548c0 2018-10-29 Sven_van_Wincoop Controller with final controller values.
8:0ed8609252d3 2018-10-26 Sven_van_Wincoop Controller with even better values
7:d63ec7fe96ae 2018-10-26 Sven_van_Wincoop Controller with suitbale values for robot
6:10ac8c7cac26 2018-10-19 rubenlucas PI-controllers with 2 motors
5:7007230db09c 2018-10-19 rubenlucas PID-controller, is different then PI, oscillates much
4:0251290a2fc0 2018-10-19 rubenlucas works PI-Controllers, Error is reduced to almost zero, takes way longer to achieve.
3:f1fc5216f6a5 2018-10-19 rubenlucas Correct P-Controller, motor makes same amount of rotations as printed on screen.
2:0a61483f4515 2018-10-15 rubenlucas position reference not based anymore on velocity. script works as wanted
1:76e57b695115 2018-10-15 rubenlucas working including with motor and encoder. but potmeter1 still velocity control instead of position control
0:ce44e2a8e87a 2018-10-15 rubenlucas Works correctly, Prints Pos_ref and pos_motor to screen. Pos_motor still 0, no motor controlled yet