BLE iBeacon demonstrating how to change the payload data every second

Dependencies:   BLE_API mbed nRF51822

Fork of BLE_iBeacon by Bluetooth Low Energy


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
49:a3428aa11fc7 2014-12-04 Protoneer Change the Advertisement Interval default tip
48:6568db49629c 2014-12-04 Protoneer Init
47:447eb23e67e2 2014-11-05 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
46:3adb4c6927ab 2014-09-30 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries;
45:2b9e4c7c2f84 2014-09-23 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
44:71ff94cd9c1d 2014-09-22 rgrover1 updating to 0.2.0 of the BLE_API
43:b5dc3241fc91 2014-09-02 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
42:bb46ad5c24dd 2014-08-12 rgrover1 minor cosmetic change to a comment block
41:51f585d14675 2014-08-12 rgrover1 lower advertising frequency to 1hz
40:52e9de9e0186 2014-07-25 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
39:1dfed56efe26 2014-07-04 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
38:33ee358dc876 2014-07-04 Rohit Grover resolve merge
37:205deeded79d 2014-07-04 Rohit Grover include LE_GENERAL_DISCOVERABLE in advertising payload
36:282289e1c629 2014-06-13 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
35:c370b193f4f4 2014-06-11 rgrover1 updating underlying libraries.
34:1fc5103e2346 2014-06-10 rgrover1 updating to the latest of the underlying libraries.
33:005c45ac0e93 2014-06-10 rgrover1 updating to the latest version of the depending libraries.
32:7b7093b653a8 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover reverting to BLEDevice (from BLEPeripheral)
31:93e50a3c3dc6 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover simplifying the BEACON template; add use of waitForEvent() and DEBUG(...)
30:746d37d781de 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover remove ticker; consumes un-necessary power
29:bf3c27639f58 2014-06-10 rgrover1 updating versions of depending libraries.
28:a96e2fd7153e 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover merge
27:8d4f5bda1191 2014-06-10 Rohit Grover update due to rename of BLEDevice to BLEPeripheral
26:95e71514c560 2014-06-05 rgrover1 updating to the latest version of the dependent libraries
25:a56462536345 2014-05-30 Rohit Grover no need to call reset() separately after init()
24:9bcd0dbf0f41 2014-05-23 Rohit Grover removed use of forward declarations for helper functions
23:b66fa312e926 2014-05-23 Rohit Grover using simplified API to accumulate adv payload
22:080d9bf2f5c0 2014-05-23 Rohit Grover adding static const to the definition to beaconPayload
21:a61af863b273 2014-05-23 Rohit Grover white space diff
20:5e84b5b253a5 2014-05-23 Rohit Grover using simplified GAP advertising API to setup advertising type
19:869d8c7306b4 2014-05-23 Rohit Grover split startAdvertising(params) into setParams() and startAdvertising()
18:e49bb8b059bf 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover minor white space diffs
17:e7748951593e 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover using BLEDevice instead of nRF81822;
16:3a0aa30e3b12 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover remove another reference of nRF51822 from main.cpp.
15:4e1b36b73213 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover some more cosmetic changes
14:dfdf0c8b1c09 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover cosmetic improvement to the comment describing the structure of the beacon payload
13:04c6103760d2 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover user overloaded setAdvertisingData() to avoid having to specify a scan response
12:00545c957af4 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover switching to new API for BLEDEvice.
11:6774f4827024 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover rename "nrf" to "ble"
10:391c1acf4b9d 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover minor re-organization of code to make the demo clearer
9:438f44012039 2014-05-22 Rohit Grover renaming LEDs
8:d851d92601b7 2014-05-20 rohit.grover initialization quirks should be moved out of the app and into nRF51822 support library.
7:e2bfd5db6713 2014-05-20 rohit.grover better documentation to explain the structure of the beacon advertising payload
6:26eab6ee6df4 2014-05-20 rohit.grover some more white space diffs.
5:97ce285ff00a 2014-05-20 rohit.grover white space diffs.
4:0ce8d2dd62f9 2014-04-04 ktownsend Renamed some variables
3:9c175cc9752d 2014-04-03 ktownsend Updated core libs
2:90b493cdcb1f 2014-04-02 ktownsend Code cleanup
1:cb46e250cdc2 2014-04-01 ktownsend Updated BLE_API Location
0:7613d21e5974 2014-03-31 ktownsend First commit of iBeacon demo using the BLE API and native mode nRF51822 driver