PokittoLib is the library needed for programming the Pokitto DIY game console (www.pokitto.com)

Dependents:   YATTT sd_map_test cPong SnowDemo ... more


Library for programming Pokitto hardware

How to Use

  1. Import this library to online compiler (see button "import" on the right hand side
  2. DO NOT import mbed-src anymore, a better version is now included inside PokittoLib
  3. Change My_settings.h according to your project
  4. Start coding!
--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/mbed-pokitto/.yotta_ignore	Wed Oct 11 20:35:27 2017 +0000
@@ -0,0 +1,14 @@
+# ignore files for targets that aren't supported by the yotta build (to
+# minimise the size of the published module)