Fork of the official library for the FRDM-TFC shield to add measurement of H-bridge sense currents

Dependents:   telemetry_demo_FRDM-TFC

Fork of FRDM-TFC by Eli Hughes


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
11:787a9a24dbfb 2016-02-22 Overdrivr Bugfix - library fully functionnal, Hbridges current sense can be read correctly default tip
10:86c5fc9a53d9 2016-02-17 Overdrivr Working on the ADC code to read current sense from HBridge. Not functionnal yet, adc outputs 0 on HBridge B, and battery measurement seems cut off as well
9:1c4fc3e224b5 2016-02-17 Overdrivr Added function for reading motor current
8:24430a0d7fd8 2016-02-11 emh203 removed the old mbed library and main.cpp to make integration easier
7:b34924a05d60 2014-04-20 redxeth Updated SERVO_DEFAULT_PERIOD to be faster (10mS from 20mS) to permit racing.; ; Increase Clock period to compensate so integration time not impacted (from 100 cycles to 200 cycles)
6:fbc2ba3c670a 2014-04-15 redxeth Removed main.cpp-- will add back to a new program called TFC-TEST
5:9fd02d06973b 2014-03-17 emh203 Last commit had bug in code. Selecting NumCameras=2 was not functional. Removed this as not necessary. Simplified loops to send data over USB interface. Increased update rate to PC & verified operation with new .net front end
4:8a4a3fc59e57 2013-09-04 redxeth Made corrections to demo3 to parse linescandata in proper order.
3:23cce037011f 2013-08-15 emh203 1.) Fixed issue with Servo duty cycle calculation
2:ce4a273be708 2013-07-17 emh203 Work in progress commit....
1:6f37253dab87 2013-07-17 emh203 Pulled in code from the TFC library. This will now be the official spot for FRDM-TFC Code
0:cd9427630ad1 2013-05-29 emh203 1st publish so I can have a page to work on documentation