USB device stack (USBDevice::connect non-blocking)

Fork of USBDevice by mbed official


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18:a0db8d2001f6 2014-02-15 Olivier Allow USBDevice::connect() to be non-blocking.; ; It is required if USB is not the primary use of the device (eg: use of USB mass storage to transfer pictures from the camera (the device) to the host once in a while). default tip
17:bbd6dac92961 2014-01-23 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision b7a925e3cf046d2c5a95f80b14d6c285afbdfa7e
16:4f6df64750bd 2013-12-05 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision fa451a0f0ae4ea99e333083931cc5bfc77b27b42
15:849c0c0f2769 2013-11-05 mbed_official Synchronized with git revision cf71d0831be92a7fff88da13626ef25dd94fa185
14:d495202c90f4 2013-09-12 bogdanm Synchronized with git revision b9d52bda50a692c05a4587bcc8d3219997444f58
13:16731886c049 2013-09-10 bogdanm Sync with git revision 171dda705c947bf910926a0b73d6a4797802554d
12:6030a12b6c62 2013-08-08 emilmont Synch with latest changes
11:eeb3cbbaa996 2013-08-05 bogdanm Bug fixes, added suppor for LPC1347
10:1e3d126a322b 2013-05-30 emilmont Add LPC4088 target
9:354942d2fa38 2013-03-04 samux kl25z: use malloc to allocate only endpoints needed
8:335f2506f422 2013-03-01 samux add FRDM-KL25Z support
7:f8f057664123 2013-01-21 samux modify USBMSD prototypes to fit latest sdfilesystem lib
6:d0945750af57 2012-12-20 samux USBSerial: detect when a terminal is connected
5:d27e4c226965 2012-10-14 samux USBMSD: fixed uninitialized variable (stage, csw, cbw) -> fixed dynamic init
4:eaa07ce86d49 2012-10-14 samux fixed doxygen typo
3:6d85e04fb59f 2012-10-14 samux move EnableIRQ to connect() - add MEDIA_REMOVAL handling
2:34856a6adb5b 2012-07-17 samux Update USBDevice.h
1:80ab0d068708 2012-07-17 samux Update USBDevice lib
0:d8db74b663b3 2012-07-17 mbed_official First commit of the mbed official USB device library