Prepare example app Connect+FW Update

Fork of example-ODINW2-mbed-Cloud-connect by u-blox


RevisionDateWhoCommit message
7:970a69dc8610 12 months ago MarceloSalazar Add support for Connect+Update default tip
6:4fea66d52b5d 12 months ago MarceloSalazar Initial support for FW Update
5:e25f61ef7429 16 months ago MarceloSalazar Updating to SMCC 1.3.3
4:3482c8051daf 16 months ago Add update_default_resources.c
3:2f505fd6b62c 16 months ago Add mbed_cloud_client_user_config.h
2:8cdc2cc26bfb 16 months ago Updating to SMCC 1.3.3
1:ab0fcfe892f4 20 months ago Andreas Larsson Increased main stack size to get example to run without stack error.
0:aef13a373320 20 months ago MarceloSalazar First version for UBLOX_EVK_ODIN_W2 Wifi