USB Host

Hmm.. I haven't got the slightest clue about USB Host application. I only know electronics. Hardware I mean.

So when I look through HackADay, and come by a post, of Arduino USB Host Shield, I just can't keep off it!
I looked through the data of the board, and saw that you can buy the board, without electronics!!
I've actually ordered samples of the Maxim MAX3421EE IC a long time ago, but really didn't bother to do the board!

So now the board is being send from USA, I collecting the small things I need.
I have:
12 MHz Xtal
The board (Soon)

So next is the USB A connector. And the other parts needed.

Well, I'll update when something happens!
Goodnight, World!

/ Lerche


02 Feb 2010

LPC1768 does have a built-in USB Host, and I made a sample app that reads and writes to a USB stick. See Interfacing USB mass storage devices (aka USB flash drives)

03 Feb 2010

Hi Igor!

Yes, I know, and I have also read the files that NXP have written. But I can't really understand it.. Simply my programming skills is not that good.
So now I found a way to use the IC, and try USB hosting.

The only thing I would use the USB for, is RS232 between mbed and phones.

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