LPCXpresso Base Board

So now I've got the board.

Next to do:
Have fun with it!


27 Sep 2010 . Edited: 08 Apr 2011


27 Sep 2010

Oh yeah, that's a tough one!

Actually, I'm more of a "solder everything together, not use the board" type of guy! :-)

07 Oct 2010

Nice Nice... so what did you end up doing with it?

07 Oct 2010

Well, nothing much avtually.
Ported a piece of code from EA to include circle and line support for the small OLED.

That piece of code I also added to the NokiaLCD library.

Right now I don't have the time to do much about programming :-)




08 Oct 2010

Ashame... same dilemma...

08 Oct 2010

Well, it's too bad.
My work includes programming for the mbed,
but really not enough according to my opinion.


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